ASCA Levels 3, 4, and 5 | Dubai, UAE

September 19-26, 2020

Location: Dubai, UAE

About the Event:
This event is hosted by Professional Sports & Lifeguard Services. For inquiries and Registration, please contact or visit their local Facebook page.

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Level 3 – The Physiology School

The Physiology School reviews how swimmers’ bodies react and adapt to training, while also helping coaches develop a long-term training plan. Topics covered include core swimming physiology (and the interaction of the various physical and mental systems), as well as training progressions from novice to Senior. A great resource for coaches working with swimmers of all ages!

Level 4 Leadership School

The Leadership School is usually attended by advanced coaches seeking the Gold Seal ASCA Level 4 Certificate. However, this course is open to ALL coaches. You can take this course if you do not have Level 3. We will keep the results until you complete the Level 3 course.

Why come to this course? Have you ever noticed patterns of behavior among your swimmers or your peers, or your administrators, or your parents that are leading in directions that are not in the best interest of the team? How can you spot good patterns of behavior, or shape good patterns of behavior in yourself first, then in others so that everyone from young swimmer, and coach, and parent, and administrators, and the Federation are moving in a direction that is fruitful and healthful and beneficial to all? This course helps identify good patterns of leadership in others and how to move yourself into those patterns as well. This is not a difficult course. It is not technical. It only requires thought, reflection, and action.

You will also receive an ASCA Gold Seal Certificate for this course if you have completed Levels 1-3 AND you have the athlete achievement/performance criteria.

About the Speaker:
These courses are presented by ASCA Level 5 Coach Guy Edson who has been teaching and training young swimmers for 46 years. He is a frequent quest in Dubai bringing his experience and techniques and stories to the coaches of Dubai. He loves to coach the coaches and brings passion, energy, and friendliness to each presentation.

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