ASCA Levels 1, 2, and Motivating Your Swimmers | Dubai, UAE


Location: Dubai, UAE

About the Event:
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About the Course

Level 1 – The Foundations of Coaching

The Foundations of Coaching course covers the fundamental principles of swimming and swim coaching. This course is designed to introduce coaches to the philosophy our sport and empower coaches on the pool deck. Topics covered include swim management, coaching communication, teaching methods, and guidance on developing young athletes.


Level 2 – The Stroke School

This course builds off of the material in the Level 1 School and is designed to educate coaches on constructing the best strokes for their swimmers during practice. The primary reason parents bring their children to practice is to learn how to swim better—This is where it starts. Topics covered include:

  • Biomechanics and Scientific Principles for the Understanding the Swimming Strokes
  • Teaching Progressions for Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle
  • Effective Starts and Turns
  • Skills and Methods for Better Coaching


About The Speaker:

This course is taught by Guy Edson of the American Swimming Coaches Association. Previous to joining the ASCA staff in 1988 Guy was a full time coach and earned an ASCA Level 5 Age Group Coach certification with many nationally ranged age group swimmers and three state championship team titles under his coaching. At ASCA Guy is the director of ASCA’s clinics and seminars, as well as ASCA’s Job Service program. Guy has spoken in every state of the US plus 20 countries. His presentations are full of energy and passion and his primary objective is giving coaching practical coaching tips they can use the very next day in their training programs. He loves to coach coaches.


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