Dubai Professional Coaches Clinic ( ASCA Levels 3, 4, 5)

December 10-14, 2019

Location: Dubai UAE

Dubai Professional Coaches Clinic:

The Planning and Execution of Training
for Swimmers of All Ages (Level 3);

On Being a Leader and Creating Leaders (Level 4);
Administration Skills to Improve Yourself
and Your Team (Level 5).


This is the first time

ASCA has ever offered all advanced

Levels 3, 4, and 5 courses

outside of the ASCA World Clinic.

This event is hosted by Professional Sports & Lifeguard Services. For Registration Information, please contact or visit their local Facebook page.
Schedule:  Each Day is 3:30 to 9:30 with Dinner Break
Tuesday, December 10:  Level 3 — Basic Physiology, Energy Systems, and Nutrition
Wednesday, December 11:  Level 3 — Principles of Training (Including Taper) and Writing Workout Sets
Thursday, December 12:  Level 3 — Writing a Season Training Plan; Writing Workouts
Friday, December 13:  Level 4 — What Makes a Leader; Teaching Leadership to Young People
Saturday, December 14:  Level 5 — Principles of Administration; Long Range Planning; Reporting; Personal Organization; Methods of Communication

  • Even though these are “Advanced Courses” they are open to ALL coaches.
  • There are NO pre-requirements.
  • You will complete the test and you will receive a certificate of completion for each course you attend in full.
  • If you have previously taken Level 1 and 2 and received the Gold Seal Certification Certificate, you are eligible to receive the Level 3, and Level 4, and Level 5 Gold Seal Certification Certificate IF you also complete the Achievement Criteria listed on the ASCA International Certification Page. 
  • To obtain Level 3 or 4 or 5 you must ALSO show that you can coach a swimmer to an advanced level with a qualifying time listed on  the ASCA International Certification Page. 
  • If you do not have a swimmer at the required level now, we will save your test and when your swimmer(s) achieves the required level you will request a confirmation from the Swimming Federation and send to ASCA and we will issue the Gold Seal Certification Certificate to you.

Level 3 — Physiology School:  The Planning and Execution of Training for Swimmers of All Ages

  1. Basic Physiology – where does energy come from; how is it stored; and what systems are used for releasing energy? This is a very basic 9th grade level physiology overview.
  2. Principles of Training – 10 principles every coach should know. Most apply to all swimmers, some apply more to senior level swimming.
  3. The structure, purpose, and execution of a set. Examples from Olympic coaches.
  4. Season planning and writing workouts for 13 and over competitive swimmers. Where does a season training plan come from? What are the elements of a training plan? How to you fit it all together? We’ll create a season training program, slide by slide.
  5. Commonalities and differences between age group and senior swimmers. Age groupers are not just little seniors. You, the coach, need a different mindset for writing and running workouts. Practical advice.
  6. Season Planning and writing workouts for age group competitive swimmers. This is very different that writing workouts for senior swimmers! What are the Components of an age group workout and how do they fit together?
  7. Writing workouts for developmental swimmers. Priorities are completely different. Warm up? What warm up?
  8.  Managing the Workout.


Level 4 Leadership School:  Principles of Leadership and Teaching Young People Leadership

Why come to this course?

Have you ever noticed patterns of behavior among your swimmers or your peers, or your administrators, or your parents that are leading in directions that are not in the best interest of the team? How can you spot good patterns of behavior, or shape good patterns of behavior in yourself first, then in others so that everyone from young swimmer, and coach, and parent, and administrators, and the Federation are moving in a direction that is fruitful and healthful and beneficial to all? This course helps identify good patterns of leadership in others and how to move yourself into those patterns as well. This is not a difficult course. It is not technical. It only requires thought, reflection, and action.

“I think the best part of this course is learning how to teach leadership to young people. Not only do you learn a lot about leadership, but you also learn how to develop leadership qualities in young people and this makes running a swimming practice far more enjoyable and productive.”  — Coach Guy Edson


Level 5 Administration School:  

Many coaches struggle with being good administrators.  Many coaches want to “just coach.”  And they are good at coaching!  But most coaches who loose their jobs because they lack administration skills, not because they are not good with the children.

If you want job security and job advancement, then improve your administration skills.

In this course you will learn how to organize your time, how to store information for fast retrieval, where to keep your ideas, what to do when you are overloaded with work, and how to write personal goals.  You will learn how to use time to get more things done.  You will learn about long range planning and how to move your club forward by plan, rather than by accident.  You will learn how to communicate effectively with your employer, parents, other coaches, and swimming administrators and officials.

While none of this seems like “fun,”  and it is not like learning how to teach a swimmer how to do a freestyle flip turn or how to plan and organize an excellent workout — but it is critical to your life as a swimming coach.

“This is a wonderful course that can change your life.  I highly encourage you to attend.”  –  coach Guy Edson


About the Event:

This event is hosted by Professional Sports & Lifeguard Services. For inquiries, please contact or visit their local Facebook page.

* Instagram @ professional_sports_lifeguard

* Facebook @ professional sports and lifeguard services

* landline: +971 4 337 1004

* Mobile and WhatsApp: +971 58 824 3192

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About the Speaker:  Guy Edson

These courses are presented by ASCA Level 5 Coach Guy Edson who has been teaching and training young swimmers for 46 years. He is a frequent guest in Dubai bringing his experience and techniques and stories to the coaches of Dubai and surrounding nations. He loves to coach the coaches and brings passion, energy, and friendliness to each presentation.

Guy Edson


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