ASCA Level 3 │ Dubai, UAE

April 9th - April 11th, 2019

Location: Dubai

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Level 3: The Planning and Execution of Training for Swimmers of all Ages

The purpose of this course is to show the coach how to write workouts from a plan that covers their swimmer’s physiological, emotional, and motivational needs. We believe swimmers should get better by plan, rather than by accident.

To write a season plan we need to know a little bit about physiology including energy systems and nutrition. We need to understand the basic principles of training. And then we need to design progressions aimed at achieving goals.

This course includes fundamental physiology, energy systems, nutrition, and principles of training during the first third of the course. This “core knowledge” provides the basis from which a coach creates a season training plan and writes daily workouts. The remaining two thirds of this this course is about designing a season training plan and writing workouts. We will outline a novice training program, an age group training program, and a senior middle distance program (discussing differences from sprinting and distance). We will also talk about weekly and daily workout design and managing the workout to make use of every minute.

Coaches will leave this course with the ability to write productive practice sessions for their athletes. The Level 3 manual is included plus extensive handouts.

This course is open to all coaches. No previous ASCA courses are required. Coaches without previous completion of the ASCA Level 1 and Level 2 course my take this course for attendance certificate only. Those coaches who are members of ASCA and have completed Levels 1 and 2 can use this course upon successful completion of the test and submission of qualifying swimmer achievements to become ASCA certified Level 3. Athlete Achievement requirements are posted here.


About The Speaker:

This course is taught by Guy Edson of the American Swimming Coaches Association. Previous to joining the ASCA staff in 1988 Guy was a full time coach and earned an ASCA Level 5 Age Group Coach certification with many nationally ranged age group swimmers and three state championship team titles under his coaching. At ASCA Guy is the director of ASCA’s clinics and seminars, as well as ASCA’s Job Service program. Guy has spoken in every state of the US plus 20 countries. His presentations are full of energy and passion and his primary objective is giving coaching practical coaching tips they can use the very next day in their training programs. He loves to coach coaches.


About the Event:

This event is hosted by Professional Sports & Lifeguard Services.  For inquiries, please contact,, Phone/WhatsApp number:+971588243192, or visit their local Facebook page.

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