ASCA Level 2 Stroke School | Albany, NY

September 27th

Location: Albany, NY

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Registration Information:
This presentation is in conjunction with the USA Swimming Regional Coaches Conference at the Courtyard Albany Clifton Park Hotel, 627 Plank Road, Clifton Park, NY12065

Time: Friday, September 27 from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

The Level 2 School at the USA Swimming Regional Coaches Conference is a separate registration from the USAS RCC.

Register for the ASCA Level 2 Stroke School here:

The cost is $69.
There are no pre-requisites and membership in ASCA is not required.
For Questions about the Level 2 Stroke School contact instructor Guy Edson at 800-356-2722 or email at

You do not have to attend the RCC clinic in order to attend the ASCA Stroke School. However, ASCA highly recommends that you do attend the RCC clinic because it is very good!
Information and registration for the RCC clinic is here

Invitation from the presenter, Guy Edson:

“I enjoy teaching this course more than any other course we offer. I like it because it offers immediately usable information on the most fundamental aspects of what we do – we teach correct stroke mechanics. I also like it because it is fun to teach. I use lots of great video clips and real life stories of teaching and learning. There is more going on than just stroke technique in this class – there is a lot to do with running a practice session and positive coaching.

I gave up coaching senior swimmers when joining the ASCA staff in 1988 and I have been focusing on coaching age group and developmental swimmers for the last 31 years. I love going to practice every day and I am continually learning new teaching techniques which I enjoy bringing to you. I try to make all the explanations and all the details easy to understand.

If you are thinking you are too advanced for what we are offering, consider this: everything I show you, you can use to improve your younger staff members. Better yet, send your younger staff members! I promise, they will get a lot out of this course.

And for those of you who are coaches of developmental swimmers, this course is made for you!

I have tons of video clips. I will show you what the Olympians are doing and we will talk about current trends in stroke technique. However, the emphasis is on teaching. I have many more videos of swimmers aged 8 to 12 (just like your swimmers) attempting various drills and stroke progressions.

We will cover basic biomechanical principles, principles of teaching, starts, turns, free, back, breast, fly, and finishes.

It is a really good course and I hope you can come. Remember, there are no pre-requisites and you do not need to be an ASCA member.

The cost is $69 and includes the ASCA Level 2 manual.

I hope to see you there!

Guy Edson

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