ASCA Level 1 & Level 2 │Beirut, LEBANON


Level 1: The Foundations of Coaching

The Foundations of Coaching course covers the fundamental principles of swimming and swim coaching. The course is designed to introduce coaches to the philosophy our sport, and empower coaches on the pool deck. Topics covered include using stoke drills, technical instruction and information, guidance on developing young athletes, and working with parents.   The course also offers general coaching advice.


Level 2: The Stroke School

This course builds off the material in the Level 1 School, and is designed to educate coaches on constructing the best strokes for their swimmers during practice.  The primary reason parents bring their children to practice is to learn how to swim better—This is where it starts. Topics covered include:

  • Philosophies of strokes
  • Science principles for the understanding of teaching strokes
  • The Construction of Strokes and Their Correction
  • Teaching Starts and Turns
  • Skills and Methods for Better Coaching



About the Event:

This event is hosted by Lebanese International Swim Academy.  For inquiries, please contact or visit their website.