ASCA Level 1 & 2 │ Dubai, UAE

June 25 - 27, 2019

Location: Dubai, UAE

Get Your ASCA Gold Seal Level 1 and Level 2 Certificate in Dubai June 25-27.

Level 1 Foundations of Coaching

If you are a new or beginning coach the ASCA Level 1 Foundations of Coaching Course will be VERY helpful to you.
This course is required for your UAE coaching license
More importantly, in this course you will learn to be a better coach and to have more fun while doing your job.

Teaching Skills: The Foundations of Coaching Course shows you to teach children wonderfully.

Motivation Skills: The Foundations of Coaching Course prepares you to motivate children.

Working with Others: The Foundations of Coaching Course provides knowledge of how to work effectively peacefully and effectively with parents, administrators, officials, and other coaches.

Communication Skills: The Foundations of Coaching Course shows you how to improve your communication skills.

Running a Practice: The Foundations of Coaching Course gives you an example of how prepare and run a practice for novice swimmers.

This is a course that make you a better coach.

Level 2 Stroke School

You have swimmers in front of you — They do not know how to swim breaststroke. How do you teach them?

Or, maybe you have a swimmer in front of you who can swim butterfly but he pulls himself too high out of the water and becomes tired after only 25 yards – How do you correct this?

You have a child trying to swim freestyle but she keeps lifting her head to breathe and when she does her right arm crosses way over to the left and she swims crooked down the pool. What do you do? It won’t fix itself.

Your swimmers don’t know how to do a freestyle turn and you are not sure how to teach them.

The Level 2 Stroke School will show you how to build and correct strokes, starts, and turns.

About the Event:
This event is hosted by Professional Sports & Lifeguard Services. For inquiries, please contact or visit their local Facebook page.
About the Speaker:
These courses are presented by ASCA Level 5 Coach Guy Edson who has been teaching and training young swimmers for 46 years. He is a frequent quest in Dubai bringing his experience and techniques and stories to the coaches of Dubai. He loves to coach the coaches and brings passion, energy, and friendliness to each presentation.

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