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Clinic in Brazil aims to promote international training of the American Swimming Coaches Association in Brazil, providing technical information exchange making the integration between physical education teachers interested in swimming training and the main swimming coaches in Brazil. Recommended for swimming coaches and physical education professionals with an interest in competitive swimming. Topics to be discussed: Physical Education, Swimming Training and Sport Management.

ASCA Certification Schools

ASCA Level 1 Foundations of Coaching – Djan Madruga

The ASCA Level 1 clinic is designed to improve swim instructors and lifeguards’ skills and knowledge, establishing authentic professional credentials and improving career opportunities.

ASCA Level 2 Stroke School – John Leonard

There are no prerequisites required for this course. It is open to all coaches and learn to swim instructors. This is the primary education requirement contributing to a coach earning ASCA Level 2 certification.It is the most popular course in ASCA’s history with Over 14,000 coaches having taken it since 1986. The Stroke School gives the coach practical, useful tools to construct, and to a lesser extent correct, swimming strokes. The manual is a practical text for teaching. We provide just enough science to give you the needed foundation, then move on to the things that are the most helpful to you on deck every day. This special edition course is going to focus on teaching skills and progressions for developmental swimmers. We begin by looking at world class swimmers and noting trends in current elite swimmers but will shift focus and emphasis to the teaching and coaching of the 6 year old through 9th grader. (High School Coaches are highly encouraged to attend.)

ASCA Level 3 Physiology School – John Leonard

The ASCA Physiology School is all about the planning and execution of training for athletes of all ages, from eight-and-unders to the elite. Along the way, you are reminded of some basic science. Once you can teach strokes and understand the philosophy of our sport, it’s time to have a coherent training plan for your athletes of every age.



Certified ASCA Level 5 Manager, Graduate and Master’s degree in physical education from Indiana University (USA), was assistant coach of “Doc” Counsilman (1982 to 1984) considered the greatest scientist coach in the history of swimming. Djan was Olympic medalist in swimming in Moscow (1980), 11x medalist at the Pan American Games, 50x winner of the Swimming Brazil Trophy, founded ACAD – Brazilian Association of Academies and its president 2003-2005, was National Secretary of High Sports Ministry of Sport income (2007-2009), is currently executive supervisor of CBDA and owner of the gym and swim club that bears his name DJAN MADRUGA swimming and member of the National Athletes Commission (CNA) of the Federal Government.

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