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ASCA’s NEW GoSwim Partnership! What can it do for YOU and YOUR TEAM?
“Every bit of research tells us that the most effective learning today is VISUAL LEARNING. Your team learns more from a video than they will from 100 or 1000 words from the Coach. Depending on what option you pick, you can learn from thousands of GoSwim Videos yourself, or EVEN BETTER, pass the ones you like on to your team directly with your comments. I use the GoSwim Coach version daily to coach my team of 6 to 18 year olds! GoSwim is the best video on the market. Increase the value of your membership today.” – John Leonard, Executive Director, American Swimming Coaches Association

  • Exclusive/Discounted Access to our New Subscription Plans, Getting you Access to; EVERY ASCA Talk Ever Recorded,’s Platform Features and GoSwim’s Entire Swimming Technique Video Library
  • Publications (6 Magazines, 12 Newsletters, JSR, Swim Club News)
  • Access to ASCA Certification
  • Membership in the World Swimming Coaches Association (WSCA)

How To Get Your FREE GoSwim Perks

  1. Sign up for the ASCA Annual Plan (Above)
  2. Keep an Eye Out for your Welcome Email, Click the LINK Provided in That Email to Register to GoSwim


(These memberships are for International and American expatriate coaches working outside of the USA only. Thank you.)

Member Options & Benefits


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International Life



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Online Access to All ASCA Publications
(Includes the annual Online Journal of Swimming Research)
Free WSCA Membership and Benefits YES YES YES YES
18 Publications Per Year!
6 American Swimming Magazines
12 ASCA Newsletters
(Mailed Approximately 3 Times a Year)
Member Fees Covered for Life YES YES NO NO
Free ASCA World Clinic
Registration For LIFE
Certification Schools Included YES NO NO NO

Every Member Enjoys

  • Significant Member Only savings on books, audios, CDs, videos and DVD’s
  • FREE access to Job Service Announcements on the Internet
  • FREE position evaluations for rated head coach positions
  • FREE documents on the interview process and contract information
  • FREE 1500+ pages of downloadable technical information on our members only section of the website
  • Hour-long audio talks starting at $1.99 each with all the wisdom of the swim coaching greats – over 1,200 talks available from the online Sound Coaching Library!
  • FREE Video presentations of the current coaching greats talking about what they do best

Top 4 Reasons to Join ASCA:

(Taken from a 2 year survery of ASCA’s newest members)

  1. Education In the Sport
  2. The Home Study Program
  3. Coach Certification
  4. Identification with the World of Swimming’s Premiere Professional Association

$1650.00 International Life Membership

  • Annual Membership Benefits
  • ASCA Membership never expires

$2750.00 International Life Plus Membership

  • Life Member Benefits
  • FREE World Clinic Registration for Life
  • Complete ASCA Home Study Library for FREE (34 Items including Certification Schools)