Mark Schubert’s Response to “Expand Preserve and Protect our College Swimming Programs”


Dear John:

Thanks for the great article on Expand Preserve and Protect our College Swimming Programs. Nothing is more important than “the Dream” of competing in college swimming for our Club and High Schools athletes.

Coaching College Swimming is a difficult job. Training athletes, conducting competitions, recruiting, and rules compliance can seem overwhelming at times. However, today’s college coach must do so much more to protect the legacy of their programs. Endowment of scholarships is key for the growth of college swimming. That should be the expectation of every college coach. Bill Wadley at Ohio State and Frank Comfort at North Carolina are shining examples of coaches who have been proactive in this area.

The College Coach must work to make their teams relevant on their campuses. It takes EFFORT to make sure the stands are full at duel meets and that the general student body is excited about their swim team! Work with your local USA Swimming LSC to bring club swimmers to your events and get them excited about your program. Additionally, involvement in charitable activities on campus gives not only the swimming and diving team a good reputation, but the athletic department as well.

It is not enough to attempt to “save” programs that are in peril of of being eliminated, it is up to everyone, especially the college coach, to make college swimming better, so our sport is never considered for elimination by their athletic departments.

Mark E. Schubert

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