Station Six -Backstroke Advancement Goals: Swim Freestyle -75 feet. Swim Backstroke 30 feet. Tread Water – 1 Minute. Graduation Point: Treading water Station Six, the whole package…. Station Six -Backstroke Teaching the individual. Head still. Head STILL. Hand entry and exit positions are keys. Keep pull simple. Demonstrate, practice, review, Practice! Station Six Backstroke. The goals of this station require substantial repetition to achieve success. Swimming 75 feet is an endurance achievement for most young people. They need lots of short (10-30 feet repetitions and feedback opportunities.) Gradually extend the amount of swimming each day. Treading water can best be taught with a good demonstration. It is very challenging to verbalize! Station Six – backstroke .. A class Station Six – freestyle – teaching a class. Station Six Backstroke. Teaching Treading Water. Station Six -Backstroke When teaching the class, mix up the activity and change it regularly. Keep same progression, change the amount done in each segment. Think teaching as “layers of the onion” which you add specifics one by one. SwimAmerica Stations 7-10 SwimAmerica Stations 7-10 are a novice swim team set of skills. The basics remain: Teach balance and air exchange skills. Teach from known to unknown. Review skills AS THE PROGRESSION, daily. The best teaching is a result of the best demonstration. Children today are a generation of visual learners. Teach Well! The safety and future enjoyment of your students depends on you! All the Best, John Leonard
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