Author Guidelines

Preparation Manuscripts

Authors are their own copyeditors and typesetters. This means that authors need to pay greater attention to the editing and look of their manuscripts than is typically required by print journals. If you have reasons to doubt your proficiency with respect to spelling, grammar; etc. (e.g., because English is not your native language), then you may wish to employ - at your expense - the services of a professional copy editor.

A separate "Coaching Applications"; manuscript must accompany all original manuscripts. Please see below for the appropriate template.


JSR does not conduct "blind reviews"; for submitted manuscripts. Reviewers are provided with original submissions, which include author's names and contact information.


Original Research Papers

Review Articles

Coaching Applications

Reference Format

The reference list shall be in alphabetic order (rather than in the order of citation) and numbered. All references shall appear in the text. The format for references is that which employed in Index Medicus.

See Author Guidelines used in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise® (MSSE®), the official journal of the American College of Sports Medicine.

Using Templates

Final Preparation

Once the manuscripts have been edited and accepted for publication we will convert them to PDF format for publication.

Submit Manuscript to Jan Prins, Ph.D, - Editor.