JSR Past Issues: Volume 25, Spring 2017

Editorial Commentary

  • Prins, Jan H.


  • An Update on the Age of National-level American Swimmers

    Joel Stager, Andrew Cornett, Dave Tanner, and Erica Slaughter

  • Maturational Timing and Swim Performance in Collegiate Female Swimmers

    Andrew C. Cornett, Sierra Wagner, Alan Duski, Brian V. Wright, and Joel M. Stager

  • Does High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) have an effect on young swimmers' performance

    Konstantinos Papadimitriou and Stratos Savvoulidis

JSR Past Issues: Volume 24, Spring 2016

Editorial Commentary

  • Prins, Jan H.


  • Coaches' Education and Practices Regarding Overuse Injury in Youth Swimming

    Maegan E. Olivos PT, DPT, MPH and Angela Tate PT, PhD, Cert MDT

  • Characteristics of a Polar Bear Swim Champion- The Challenges of San Francisco Bay Winter Swimming

    Thomas J. Nuckton, Stephen P. Schatz, Brendan T. Crow, Michael A. Matthay, and John A. Nogue

  • Effects of circadian rhythms on night-time swimming during the Olympics: The results of a pilot study in preparation for Rio 2016

    Gian Mario Migliaccio, Andrea Di Nino, Francesco Avaldi, Alberto Bazzu, Gary John Mullen, Johnny Padulo

  • Difference in speed at fixed reference points, and changes in speed between fixed reference points, during 100 meter swimming races at the European Championships, 2010

    Torsten Buhre

  • Analysis of the Personal Best Swim Times: 2016 Rio Olympics

    Christopher Bacon and Carl Petersen

JSR Past Issues: Volume 23, Spring 2015

Editorial Commentary

  • Prins, Jan H.


  • Evidence-based recommendations for maximizing competitive swimming performance

    Timothy Richmond, Jackie Buell
    Sheryl Pfeil, and Michael W. Crowder

  • The Fundamentals behind a Curvilinear vs.
    a Straight-Line Pull

    Johnson Soh Khong Leong

  • Original Research

    Development and Validation of a Swimmer's
    Functional Pain Scale

    Shawn M. Drake, Brian Krabak, George T. Edelman
    Erin Pounders, Sharmon Robinson, & Brittany Wixson

  • Lumbar Alignment and Trunk Muscle Activity
    during the Underwater Streamline Position
    in Collegiate Swimmers

    Keisuke Kobayashi, Koji Kaneoka
    Hideki Takagi, Yasuo Sengoku, Masahiro Takemura

  • Changes in Swim Performance and Perceived Stress,
    and Recovery in Female Collegiate Swimmers
    across a Competitive Season

    Jacquelyn A. Nagle, James L. McMillan, Barry A. Munkasy
    A. Barry Joyner, Alexander Roorda, Mindy K. Scott,
    and Stephen J. Rossi

JSR Past Issues: Volume 22, Spring 2014

Editorial Commentary

  • Prins, Jan H.


  • Is it Time to Consider a Different Way of Swimming Backstroke?

    Ernest W. Maglischo

  • Performance Improvements in Swimming: A Multi- Disciplinary Approach

    Matthew C. Wagner, Emily A. Roper, and Adrienne Langelier

  • Original Research

    The Backstroke Starting Variants performed under the Current Swimming Rules and Block Configuration

    Karla de Jesus, Kelly de Jesus, Alexandre Medeiros, Ricardo Fernandes, and João P Vilas-Boas

  • The Unintended Consequences of Tension in the Abdominal & Lumbar Musculature on Swimmers' Ventilatory Metabolic Indices

    Timothy W. Henrich, T. W., Robert Pankey, and Gregory Soukup

  • The Effects of Static Stretching Warm-up versus Dynamic Warm-up on Sprint Swim Performance

    Michael Moran, James Whitehead, Joshua Guggenheimer, and Ronald Brinkert

  • Why Coaches should Encourage Swimmers' Efforts to Succeed

    Bård Erlend Solstad and Pierre-Nicolas Lemyre

JSR Past Issues: Volume 21, Summer 2013

Editorial Commentary

  • Prins, Jan H.


  • Seasonal Variations in Swimming Force and Training Adaptation

    Rod Havriluk

  • Is the Breaststroke arm stroke a "Pull" or a "Scull"?

    Ernest W Maglischo

    Part I & Part II

  • How Do Asymmetries Affect Swimming Performance?

    Ross H. Sanders

  • Original Research

    The fifth stroke: the effect of learning the dolphin-kick technique on swimming speed in 22 novice swimmers.

    Luc Collard, Emmanuel Gourmelin, & Valérie Schwob

  • The effects of ten weeks block and reverse periodization training on swimming performance and body composition of moderately trained female swimmers

    Arroyo-Toledo, J.J. V.J. Clemente, & , J.M.González-Ravé

JSR Past Issues: Volume 20, Fall 2012

Editorial Commentary

  • Prins, Jan H.


  • What Swimming Coaches Should Know About Atrial Fibrillation and Cardiac Health

    Tim Henrich, and Gregory Soukup

  • Training Zones Revisited

    Ernest W. Maglischo

  • Original Research

    Stress-Related Breathing Problems: An Issue for Elite Swimmers

    Elsa Kristiansen, Frank E. Abrahamsen, & Trine Stensrud

  • The effect of intermittent hypoxic exposure plus sea level swimming training on anaerobic swimming performance

    Amanda Miller & Keith George

JSR Past Issues: Volume 19, Spring 2012

Editorial Commentary

  • Prins, Jan H.


  • Training Fast Twitch Fibers: Why and How - Part II
  • Ernest W. Maglischo

  • How Can Asymmetries in Swimming be Identified and Measured?
  • Ross Sanders, Jacqueline Thow, Alison Alcock, Malcolm Fairweather, Irene Riach and Fiona Mather

  • Swimming Relay Exchange Times: 2008 Olympics
  • William A. Siders

JSR Past Issues: Volume 18, Fall 2011

Editorial Commentary

  • Prins, Jan H.


  • Training Fast Twitch Fibers - Part I
  • Ernest W. Maglischo

  • Overuse shoulder injuries in swimmers
  • Theodore J. Becker

  • Asymmetries in Swimming: Where Do They Come from?
  • Ross H. Sanders, Jacqueline Thow, and Malcolm M. Fairweather

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