Welcome to the Online Journal of Swimming Research (JSR)

JSR has been in publication since 1984, and is dedicated to swimming research as it primarily relates to competitive swimming. It welcomes submissions in all scientific disciplines that can contribute to improving performance.

JSR recognizes there are limited avenues for publicizing research in swimming. By going "online" we hope it will be possible to provide an early and on-going venue for reporting swimming research. Going "online" however, requires certain changes in the way authors need to prepare accepted manuscripts for electronic publication. See Author Guidelines.

One of the primary goals of JSR has been to make swimming research "reader friendly" to coaches.

Therefore we will require all submissions to include a separate write-up that will be included in the article under a section titled "Coaching Applications." In this section, authors will be required to explain in easy-to-understand, practical terms, how their work can be applied to coaching and teaching.

This "Coaching Applications" section will be scrutinized by our Coaches Review Board who will be responsible for reviewing the write-up and determine the study's suitability for publication.