Volume 26, Fall 2018

Editorial Commentary

  • Prins, Jan H.


  • The Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs of Pediatric Concussion Among USA Swim Coaches

    Katrina G. Ritter, Cailee E. Welch Bacon, Ian A. McLeod, Keenan Robinson, Danny M. Mistry, Scott Rodeo, and Tamara C. Valovich McLeod

  • Attitudes and Beliefs of Division II Collegiate Swimmers on the Adoption of a Whole-Foods, Plant-Based Diet

    Regina M. Subach, Stephen Mazurek, and Lori Klein

  • The Correlation Between Strength and Power Measures with Sprint Freestyle Performance in Division 1 Collegiate Swimmers

    Sean H. Kao, Ai Ishida, and Barbara E. Ainsworth

  • Pre-Race Deep-Breathing Improves 50 & 100-yard Swim Performance in Female NCAA Swimmers

    Trever O. Gray, Robert Pritchett, Kelly Pritchett, and Tim Burnham

  • Kinematic Analysis of Peak Velocities in the Breaststroke as a Function of the Timing of the Kick

    Susan M. Ward, Jan H. Prins, and Bret G. Freemyer