Volume 23, Spring 2015

Editorial Commentary

  • Prins, Jan H.


  • Evidence-based recommendations for maximizing competitive swimming performance

    Timothy Richmond, Jackie Buell
    Sheryl Pfeil, and Michael W. Crowder

  • The Fundamentals behind a Curvilinear vs.
    a Straight-Line Pull

    Johnson Soh Khong Leong

  • Original Research

    Development and Validation of a Swimmer's
    Functional Pain Scale

    Shawn M. Drake, Brian Krabak, George T. Edelman
    Erin Pounders, Sharmon Robinson, & Brittany Wixson

  • Lumbar Alignment and Trunk Muscle Activity
    during the Underwater Streamline Position
    in Collegiate Swimmers

    Keisuke Kobayashi, Koji Kaneoka
    Hideki Takagi, Yasuo Sengoku, Masahiro Takemura

  • Changes in Swim Performance and Perceived Stress,
    and Recovery in Female Collegiate Swimmers
    across a Competitive Season

    Jacquelyn A. Nagle, James L. McMillan, Barry A. Munkasy
    A. Barry Joyner, Alexander Roorda, Mindy K. Scott,
    and Stephen J. Rossi