Volume 24, Fall 2016

Editorial Commentary

  • Prins, Jan H.


  • Effects of circadian rhythms on night-time swimming during the Olympics: The results of a pilot study in preparation for Rio 2016

    Gian Mario Migliaccioa, Andrea Di Nino, Francesco Avaldi, Alberto Bazzu, John Mullen, and Johnny Padulo

  • Coaches' Education and Practices Regarding Overuse Injury in Youth Swimming

    Maegan E. Olivos and Angela Tate

  • Case Studies

    Difference in speed at fixed reference points, and changes in speed between fixed reference points, during 100 meter swimming races at the European Championships, 2010

    Torsten Buhre

  • Characteristics of a Polar Bear Swim Champion: The Challenges of San Francisco Bay Winter Swimming

    Thomas J. Nuckton, Stephen P. Schatz, Brendan T. Crow, Michael A. Matthay, and John A. Nogue

  • Analysis of the Personal Best Swim Times: 2016 Rio Olympics

    Christopher Bacon and Carl Petersen