World Swimming Coaches Association

What is WSCA?

The World Swimming Coaches Association (WSCA) represents YOUR interests as a coach at the highest levels of the sport: FINA. (Four Board members of WSCA, including three former Presidents, have been members of the FINA Coaches Commission.)

  • WSCA is a professional coaching credential recognizing all national coaching credentials, on a universal basis, in every swimming country around the world.
  • You get a bi-monthly educational bulletin, the WSCA Newsletter emailed directly to you.
  • You get a DAILY swim news bulletin emailed to you, to keep you totally current on developments in swimming around the world, each day.

As a part of WSCA, you also qualify for member discounts on the American, Australian and UK Coaches Association online stores.

WSCA needs your membership to build the political base of coaches. Please join today.

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Nations with WSCA Members (By Continent)

(Individual coaches from the countries are current WSCA members; BOLD indicates National Coaches Association membership)

Antigua & Barbuda Austria Algeria Bangladesh Australia
Argentina Belgium Botswana Brunei Cook Islands
Barbados Bulgaria Côte d’Ivoire China Fiji
Bahamas Croatia Egypt Hong Kong Guam
Bermuda Cyprus Ethiopia India New Zealand
British Virgin Islands Czech Republic Ghana Indonesia Northern Mariana Islands
Brazil Denmark Kenya Iran Papua New Guinea
Canada Estonia Lesotho Iraq Samoa
Cayman Islands Finland Libya Japan
Chile France Malawi Jordan
Colombia Germany Mauritius Kuwait
Costa Rica Great Britain Morocco Malaysia
Dominican Republic Greece Mozambique Nepal
Ecuador Hungary Namibia Oman
Grenada Iceland Nigeria Pakistan
Guatemala Ireland Rwanda Palestine
Guyana Israel Seychelles Philippines
Honduras Italy South Africa Qatar
Jamaica Luxembourg Swaziland Saudi Arabia
Mexico Malta Tanzania Singapore
Nicaragua Monaco Togo South Korea
Panama Netherlands Tunisia Sri Lanka
Puerto Rico Norway Uganda Thailand
Saint Lucia Poland Zambia United Arab Emirates
Saint Vincent & the Grenadines Portugal Zimbabwe Uzbekistan
Suriname Romania Vietnam
Trinidad & Tobago Russia
USA Serbia
Venezuela Slovenia
Virgin Islands Spain