Position Evaluations

The Position Evaluation has been updated for 2017 to reflect greater salary opportunities.

The Purpose of this Evaluation is:

  • To inform the prospective employer on how to provide a more attractive coaching position for their program
  • To inform the prospective employer on salary standards
  • To inform coaches about the desirability of each position that is listed.

The Method

Each parent-run club program interested in using Job Service to find a full time head coach is asked to complete this Position Evaluation. The first section (below) is basic team demographics. The second section will ask you questions about compensation, stability, and authority. After completing the self-scoring questionnaire below, you’ll receive your score.

No further written evaluation is performed by ASCA.

Complete the Questionnaire

Download the Position Evaluation and “How to Employ the Best Swim Coach” booklet. Please call Guy Edson with any questions about the Position Evaluation.  1 (800) 356-2722.

Position Evaluation:

This is a Word Doc. Fill it out on your computer and email to gedson@swimmingcoach.org.
ASCA Job Service Position Evaluation

How to Employ The Best Coach For Your Club

Companion Booklet for the Position Evaluation:
How to Employ The Best Coach For Your Club Booklet