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The Job Service is an up-to-the-minute listing of positions available for Head coaches, Assistant coaches, Age group coaches; College, High-school, Y’s and Master’s coaches; Aquatic Directors, Swim School Directors, seasonal positions, camp positions, and internships. This information is posted on our website and updated regularly.

The website listings are available to all coaches worldwide including ASCA’s 11,000 professional coach members.

The American Swimming Coaches Association has been running the Job Service Program and helping both employers and job-seeking coaches since 1986. ASCA provides:

  • Expert Consultation via Toll-Free 800 Number
  • A Variety of Helpful Documents by Email (including Contract Information, Interview Tips, Salary Information)
  • Verification of applicant’s Certification credentials
  • Posting of your announcement on the most widely visited coaching job site on the web averaging over 20,000 hits per month.

There are two basic benefits to ASCA’s annual Job Service Subscription:

  • Wide Exposure For a Low Flat Rate Subscription Fee.For a flat rate subscription fee employers can place one or more position announcements of extended text length and for any duration of time up to one year.These are far more than “classified ads.” These are full description announcements with the space to fully describe qualifications required, responsibilities expected, and compensation rewarded. We encourage employers to “sell” their position openings – to tell prospective candidates why your club is a good place to work and why your community is a good place to live. Give the structure, quality, and size of the club and give some details on community amenities.The site is open to all coaches and employers worldwide.Our Job Service website is the premier place on the web for quality swim coaching positions!
  • Consultation.We provide consultation by toll free phone on the hiring and interview process, on coach-employer relationships, club structure and finances, salaries, and contracts. We also provide upon request a variety of documents by email including information on interviewing the coach, coach evaluations, and contract information. Our consultants are experienced club coaches over 15 years of experience in directing clubs and an additional 15 years experience visiting, working with, and consulting with clubs.In addition, we strongly encourage employers to call our office to verify credentials of candidates who state that they are ASCA certified.
  • Annual Subscription for Unlimited Service – $200. Ads run for 60 days and then are automatically pulled unless the employer requests additional time. There is no fee to extend the posting time. Employers may update or change their ad at any time without charge. Employers may also place additional ads within the one year time frame at no additional charge. Size of ads are not limited within reason. Head coaches, Satellite Site Head Coaches, Seasonal Programs, Camp positions, Aquatic Directors/Managers, ALL college positions, and all international positions pay this subscription rate.
  • Exception:  Limited Service – $50 As a service to USA Swimming Clubs and YM/WCA ONLY we will list announcements for assistant coaches for a fee of $50 PER POSITION. These are single listings for 60 days and are strictly limited to Assistant Coaches of clubs — NO head coach positions, NO COLLEGE POSITIONS — ONLY for USA Swimming Clubs and YM/WCA’s. Employers may update their ad at any time within the 60 day subscription period without charge. If you are looking for several assistant coaches the fee is $50 per position, or $200 for the unlimited subscription.

To List a Position in the Job Service:

Step 1:

If the position you are posting is a full-time Head Coaching Position with a parent owned USS club and the head coach receives his/her salary check from the board of directors, you are required to complete a Position Evaluation.

The Position Evaluation helps clubs improve and make more attractive the position being offered and helps coaches better understand the major aspects of the position being offered. You can also view the 17 page booklet entitled How to Employ the Best Swim Coach, which will help you understand how to improve your score on the Position Evaluation.

Head Coach position announcements for other types of positions and assistant coach positions do not require a Position Evaluation.

Step 2:

Submit a position and program description in paragraph form on a separate sheet of paper or by email. It is helpful to include the following information in paragraph form:

  1. Location: City, Country and/or State
  2. Team Name
  3. Position Available: Head Coach USS, Head Coach YMCA, Assistant, Age Group (where there is a Head coach), Camp, University, High School
  4. ASCA Certification Level of Coach you are Seeking
  5. Job Description: Duties, Size of Team, Team Achievements
  6. Facilities
  7. Salary & Benefits
  8. Application Deadline
  9. Start Date
  10. Application Process: What do you want submitted (resume, cover letter, references, salary requirements, other?); How do you want it submitted (email, regular mail, online) and who to send it to (email address and/or physical address).
  11. Contact Person for further information. (Please include email address and/or phone.)

The fee is NOT based on the size of the AD so be sure to fully detail the position. Most Ads run 3-4 column inches. In addition, we encourage you to place a couple of sentences about what is special about your community. Why would a coach want to move his family to your town?

Step 3:

We STRONGLY encourage all coaching positions listed in ASCA’s Job Service to request an ASCA certified coach in their Ad. ASCA Certified means that a coach is a current coach member of ASCA and has submitted an application for certification. ASCA certifies coaches Levels 1 through 5 based on their experience, education, and achievement.

Step 4: Pay the Subscription Fee

Pay Online by Credit Card – For Immediate Service:

Purchase the Unlimited Job Service - $200

Other Payment Options:

Position Announcements are published immediately after payment is received.

Step 5:

Please provide the position announcement, position evaluation (if required), contact person’s name, address, and daytime phone to the ASCA Job Service administration by any of the following methods:

Why would you NOT want to hire an ASCA Certified coach?!

  • Level 1 coaches are essentially entry-level coaches with a minimum of experience and a basic level of education which includes ASCA’s Level 1 Foundations of Coaching course. Level 1 coaches are generally placed as assistant coaches under the guidance of a Level 3 or higher coach.
  • Level 2 coaches generally have a year or more of experience and have completed the Level 1 course and the Level 2 Stroke School. Level 2 coaches are often placed as age group coaches, assistant senior coaches, and sometimes as head coaches in small programs.
  • Level 3 coaches generally have been coaching for 3 or more years, have completed the Level 3 Physiology School, and have shown achievement. Achievement is measured by the quality of the swimmers the coach has developed. For Level 3, a coach must have developed a National Age Group Top 16 swimmer, or a Junior National Qualifier, or a High School All-American, or an All-American.  Level 3 coaches are generally placed as head age group coaches in large programs, or as head coaches in small to moderately sized programs.
  • Level 4 coaches are generally placed as head coaches of moderate to large swim clubs. Level 4 coaches have completed all the requirements for levels 1 through 4 and have generally been coaching for ten or more years. They have produced finalists at senior nationals, or 40 Top 16 age groupers, or 20 High School All Americans, or 20 collegiate All Americans. Level 4 coaches generally have been coaching for 5 or more years, have completed the Level 4 Leadership School, and have reached the next level of achievement. Achievement now requires 20 Top 16 age group swimmers, or a Senior National Qualifier, or 5 High School All-Americans.
  • Level 5 coaches are generally placed as head coaches of major swim clubs or college teams. Don’t forget to call ASCA to confirm an applicants certification credentials. 1 (800) 356-2722 or email

How Does Your Club Rate?

If your club is a Parent Owned Club (has a parent run board of directors) and employs a full time head coach, try our Position Evaluation.

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