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The Job Service of the American Swimming Coaches Association

The ASCA Job Service has been connecting coaches and employers since 1986 and has been an influential mechanism for both coaches and clubs to find the right professional and organizational fit. With an average of 10,000 visits per month, our site is the foremost place to let the swimming coaches of the world know about your job opening.

Submission Process

To List a Position in the Job Service:

POST a Job Listing


Step 1:

Complete the Position Evaluation form.  This is an optional service at no additional cost.

The Position Evaluation helps clubs improve and make more attractive the position being offered and helps coaches better understand the major aspects of the position being offered. You can view the 17 page booklet entitled How to Employ the Best Swim Coach, which will help you understand how to improve your score on the Position Evaluation.

The Position Evaluation is an editable Word Doc.  Fill in the boxes and blanks on the first two pages to help you take a broader picture of the task at hand.

Step 2:

POST a Job Listing


Step 3:

We STRONGLY encourage all coaching positions listed in ASCA’s Job Service to request an ASCA certified coach in their announcement. ASCA Certified means that a coach is a current coach member of ASCA and has submitted an application for certification.  Read more about ASCA Certification here.

Other Payment Options:

  • Mail Check to ASCA at: 6750 N. Andrews Ave. Suite 200 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
  • Pay by phone with credit card at 800-356-2722

Position Announcements are published within 24 business hours after payment is received.(More often, jobs are posted within a few hours of receiving payment.)


  • Basic Subscription – $99. Ads run for 60 days and then are automatically pulled off of the site.  Size of ads are not limited within reason. Head coaches, Satellite Site Head Coaches, Aquatic Directors/Managers, ALL coaching positions, and all international positions pay this rate.

More About the ASCA Job Service Offering:

You receive expert and researched advice on how to secure the best possible coach for your organization. Some of the services you will receive are:

  • How to write a job description accurately and thoroughly, to entice the best candidate
  • Supporting documents and data
  • How to create a meaningful compensation package for your situation and community that keeps your coach on board for years
  • How to interview coaches to get what you want, i.e., things to ask, things to look for, and how to separate a resume from a real candidate
  • An OPTIONAL thorough “Position Evaluation Form” that is designed to accurately and completely represent what you are as an organization and WHY someone would want to work for you. It helps explain to you what areas of authority, compensation, and stability are meaningful to a coach looking to work with you.
  • Verification of ASCA Certification and history
  • Posting your position to an 11,000 coach network worldwide
  • Finally, any ASCA coach has signed our Code of Ethics and Behavior Contract, and is CERTIFIED, so you can know with accuracy (rather than via creative resume writing) how they are educated and experienced and if they have coached athletes that have achieved high performance standards.

Why this will be the most important decision your club/board will make:

Every experienced swimming club representative in the world knows that your coach IS your club. The coach is the most important cog in the swim team wheel. Your coach will determine the success, culture, reputation, and in most cases, the financial health of your organization. Nothing is more important than your coach in making your club, and every individual in it, successful; not the facility, not the dedicated board of directors, and not your generous volunteers. YOUR COACH IS YOUR CLUB. So why not go to the best and most experienced facilitator in the world, the ASCA? Don’t your children/athletes deserve the best?


While there are a number of job services, with many at no cost, there is no organization with the history, service, and value-added expertise that the ASCA Job Service has. ASCA is in the business of coaching.

For Employers

The Job Service is an up-to-the-minute listing of positions available for Head coaches, Assistant coaches, Age group coaches; College, High-school, Y’s and Master’s coaches; Aquatic Directors, Swim School Directors, seasonal positions, camp positions, and internships. This information is posted on our website and updated regularly.

The website listings are available to all coaches worldwide including ASCA’s 11,000 professional coach members.

We Strongly Encourage You to Hire an ASCA Certified Coach!

ASCA Certified Coaches are full members of ASCA and have signed a Code of Ethics.  They have presented themselves accountable for their past and continuing education and for their coaching results as shown by the quality of the swimmers they have produced.  ASCA Certification is an option and embraced by those coaches viewing themselves as Professional Swimming Coaches.
Click here for full list of Certification Education and Achievement Requirements.

Please Note:  Performance criteria for U.S. coaches is at a far higher level than that required of International coaches.  Education criteria is the same for both U.S. and International coaches.

  • Level 1 coaches are essentially entry-level coaches with a minimum of experience and a basic level of education which includes ASCA/USA Swimming’s Level 1 Foundations of Coaching course. Level 1 coaches are generally placed as assistant coaches under the guidance of a Level 3 or higher coach.
  • Level 2 coaches generally have a year or more of experience and have completed the Level 1 course and the Level 2 Stroke School. Level 2 coaches are often placed as age group coaches, assistant senior coaches, and sometimes as head coaches in small programs.
  • Level 3 U.S. coaches generally have been coaching for 3 or more years, have completed the Level 3 Physiology School, and have shown achievement in producing swimmers at a national level.  Level 3 coaches are generally placed as head age group coaches in large programs, or as head coaches in small to moderately sized programs.
  • Level 4 U.S. coaches are generally placed as head coaches of moderate to large swim clubs.  They have produced finalists at senior nationals, or 40 Top 10 age groupers, or 20 High School All Americans, or 20 collegiate All Americans. Level 4 coaches generally have been coaching for 10 or more years and have completed the Level 4 Leadership School.
  • Level 5 U.S. coaches are generally placed as head coaches of major swim clubs or college teams.  They have produced finalists at the highest levels.  They represent the finest of our American Coaches.
  •  Don’t forget to contact ASCA to confirm an applicant’s certification credentials.  We provide this service by email only, and only for the direct employer of the swim coach.  Email requests along with your name and title to

How Does Your Club Rate?

If your club is a Parent Owned Club (has a parent run board of directors) and employs a full time head coach, try our Position Evaluation.

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