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$220 – Basic ASCA Job Service Subscription

Head coaches, Satellite Site Head Coaches, Aquatic Directors/Managers, multiple positions, ALL college positions, and ALL international positions pay this subscription rate.

Ads run for 60 days and then are automatically pulled unless the employer requests additional time. Employers may update or change their ad at any time without charge.


$110 – ASCA Job Service Limited Service for Multiple Assistant Positions and Seasonal Positions

This is for club or YMCA type programs that need to hire multiple assistant coaches.  You can place multiple separate ads or one ad covering all positions.

If you are a summer only program such as a recreation league, country club league, or camp you can place an ad for multiple positions under this category.

Ads run for 60 days and then are automatically pulled.  Extending the run time is an additional $110.

This rate does not apply to college positions or international positions.


$55 – Job Service: Limited Service for Single Assistant Coach Positions of USA Swimming Clubs and YMCA/JCC/Boys-Girls Club Type Programs

As a service to USA Swimming Clubs and YM/WCA, JCC, and Boys/Girls Club programs we will list announcements for assistant coaches for a fee of $55 PER POSITION. These are single listings for 60 days and are strictly limited to Assistant Coaches of clubs — NO head coach positions, no college positions, and no international positions.   Employers may update their ad at any time within the 60 day subscription period without charge. If you are looking for several assistant coaches the fee is $55 per position, or $110 for 60 days.

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