Its Hard Times… The Right Time to Raise Your Game


Each of you know that your families are facing hard times. They are making CHOICES every day about how to spend their dollars. If you want to keep those families in swimming, you need to provide top value of all their youth activities, to keep ’em coming back to swimming.

One of the most critical areas in providing value, is communicating with and educating the parents as to the nature of our sport.

ASCA wants to help you. We want to provide you with a one page email each week that you can hit “forward” on your computer and send instantaneously to your entire roster of families.

That one page will be “Swim Parent Newsletter” and it will educate them about all of the issues that you and they know come up in the course of a swimming career. (I’ll bet some of what we have covered may even be new areas of consideration for some coaches!)

You know the true-ism…if you say, they half listen….but it sounds self-serving….if an expert says it, its gospel. And the ASCA is a great expert when it comes to educating parents about our sport.

The cost? Just $25.00 annually for each ASCA Member. You can distribute this to your entire roster each time, or, if you’re not sure you want to use a particular piece, you know where the delete key is….you make the choice each week.

Swim Parent Newsletter will be in your email box each Monday morning for your use, with something new. One issue, one article, per week.

If you want to download and print it instead, go ahead. But emailing it to your parent lists sounds like a great service at “no time spent” per week, doesn’t it? And with the economy as it is, can you afford NOT to service your families in every way possible?

Pay today, get your first edition next Monday.

All the Best, John Leonard, ASCA Executive Director

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