How to Double Your Club Size in One Year by Using the Internet by Clay Evans (2003)


My name is Clay Evans. I am the co-founder, head coach and director of SCAQ, in West Los Angeles. We have been in existence for twenty-four years beginning in 1979 when I was in grad school. I was coaching a kids swim team and we had some adults come in wanting to start a masters program and so sure, why not? They wanted our assistant coach so we did a Tuesday/Thursday night and a Saturday morning and that was 1979. I actually didn’t do those workouts.

I decided to go up to Canada and try and train for the 80 Olympics. When I came back I had 12 swimmers to inherit and a little program. I decided to quit coaching the kids and see what I could do with the masters program. At the time, I was going through my final year in grad school in architecture. I worked as an architect for five years and this swim club just kept growing. Being there in the early 80s and going to competitions was fun. I swam and did all that kind of stuff. It was just a lot of joy and fun.

The team grew and the next thing you know I am becoming more and more a coach of a masters program. By the middle of the 80s we had 200 plus people and by the late 80s were hitting the 300-400 range, so we have quite a good sized program. Right now it is at 857 paid members. Add in coaches, comps, coaches that are VIP coaches around the area, life guards at the pools etc. we are probably at 1,000 swimmers, including my LMU team.

I am also a university coach at Loyola Marymount University in West Los Angeles. I do that for fun because basically what I had is a huge health and fitness club that happens to be in the water. 70% – 80% of our people swam their first workout ever with us.

About seven or eight years ago I thought wow, the internet. I went after and After six months of applying and not knowing how to do it. After trying to get a computer guy on staff to do it, we thought we were lined up to get them both. There were little glitches. We reapplied several times. Back in the old days you know, it wasn’t so easy. All I could get

was went to Brian Jobe, a US Olympian back in 72.

The internet really is something that can help. It is something that you have to do as part of your business plan. Let me tell you that I really love coaching. It is a lot of fun, but I am very frustrated sometimes when I see coaches come to an ASCA Clinic, and here is a new coach with an Olympian that set a world record and that auditorium is packed full, standing room only. We were trying to look out the door and I said, forget it. I walked away. The next lecture was on the business of swimming; financial planning, taxes, etc., there were 12 of us in a room that could have fit 300.

Now our topic is “how to double your swim club through the internet” and look at this room, it is anemic. There are 1300 coaches and 600 swimmers out here and we should have 1299 coaches trying to double their program. Most of the coaches have a pretty high standard of coaching. The really good ones are maybe just a little increment better. How much better is Eddie Reese, Mark Schubert, George Haines? How much better really are they? Everybody is dying to hear what they have got to say. Yes you can become incrementally a little bit better, but if you want to double the chances of getting someone on the Olympic team what should you do? Double the number of people swimming for you. It just makes sense. I am just dumbfounded with naivety of this organization. I remember Misty Hyman, the talk about kicking on your side and everybody just packing the auditorium and then there was another lecture behind that on marketing, nothing. Nobody is there. It is a very perplexing thing.

Right now I would like to introduce Julie Urdango and her brother Dan. They are the gurus of the last five years of putting us on the internet. After I got, and we have been doing automatic billing for 12 years. I realized, wait a minute, there is a better way to do this, put everything on the internet. Start marketing and doing things on the internet. So, Dan and his sister Julie really did a number on making us technically able to have two workers in our office just because of the ease of the internet. We are going to try and show you some of the ease.

Now we have developed this program over five years. Counting what we all should have been paid for this work, this is probably about a quarter of a million dollar project that we have developed, just to run our swim club. And we are going to share that with a lot of people. You don’t have to have something really complicated. You can do it with an Excel file, you can do it simple Outlook XL files. We are happy to help. For a nominal fee, what it costs us and a little bit more we will help anybody out. Not just because I am a good guy and I like coaches and I really do, I love the sport. It got me out of architecture which is another love of mine. But we are all in here together.

There isn’t a club in the United States that has 200 people or 300 that doesn’t have a SCAQ swimmer on it, and I don’t have one of their swimmers. It is just marketing. If I get all you guys to have a program as big as us you know what you are going to do? You are going to make me money. You are going to make me $645 when that person walks in and swims for a year. Thank you very much so not only do I love the sport, I want to make it a business and I have to be successful at it.

This is what our office works off of. All day long our office goes on the web and pulls this up. This is the website by which we manage SCAQ. We have five people in the office fulltime, not counting Paul, Dan and Julie here who are working on the website. Our goal is just to make things work better, to market and get the word out, to make things more efficient so let’s go through some of these things.

Your workout schedule. You should have it on your website loud and clear. Directions to your pools, loud and clear on your website. Your coaches bios, loud and clear on your website.

Next one, not quite as obvious, but not all of you put it on your website is swim terms. What do you say and what will your assistant coaches say that will make it difficult for that new swimmer to come in and start swimming with you? Even when I go to somebody that is a coach I still have to say, oh that’s how they say descending. Alright, that’s how they say this and, oh interesting way of saying it, but everybody is different. You should get it up on your website. It just makes it easier so people know what to expect for a first workout. You have really got to get people. The first few workouts are such a key to their longevity and retention.

The next one is automated online try-out form. A little more difficult to do and generate. If you need help we will help you. It is so easy to get them to sign up and it is one of the keys, the absolute key to success in the business world when you are providing a service or a business and that is get a person’s name. Get their email address. Email now has moved up to second most important. Name first, email address and then telephone number. Then you can get all the ancillary information. You should really write it down so that you can track that. Write it down on a piece of paper, on 3 x 5 cards like I used to do in the 80s. They stack up and you try and call them back. It is just simple business procedures. Any professional business follows these except for the world of swimming.

Contact lists, in my opinion, the people that call up, and we have an unbelievable ad budget, and what we spend to get that person to come in. we are the health club industry standard. Jim mentioned IRSA. Not many people know what that is. I love their convention. You go there you will learn so much on how the real professionals provide a fitness activity. Those are the real professionals. The International Racquet Sport Health Club Association. They have an annual meeting in October in Chicago. They have another one in San Francisco. I have been to a few of them. They are unbelievable. There is also the Athletic Business Association in Florida usually with ancillary meetings etc. you are going to see real professionals, how they manage and operate a club like yours or like yours should be.

Automated online try-out form. We require it. When you print it out it is a release of liability right there on line. They come to the coach on the deck and they hand it in. We have to do it this way. We have nine pools, 90 some workouts, 30 coaches so it is a little bit difficult for us to do unless we do it online so even if somebody calls in or whatever, we will have them go online. If they are not online we will then take the information and type it in online and get that information as they are talking to them on the phone. No matter what, get the information. Even if it is a 3 x 5 card or it is on your Excel. If you want the software for this we will do that for you too. It is easy. We have already spent the money. We will help you out.

Next, Online signup. This is signing up and getting the person’s credit card when they enjoy it. They have taken their first workout. They are a master swimmer, they know about whatever. What do you have to do? Close the sale. I am sure all of you have heard this. The real professional sellers close the sale. I am sorry, you are in a business, you have to close a sale. Don’t wait for checks to drift in or whatever. Close the sale right at the beginning. Believe in what you do and get their information and get their credit card, expiration date – sign them up – charge them – right then and there. We press a button – they are charged or maybe a couple of hours later. The money goes into our account by the next day.

Next, Automated birthday announcements. We used to send out birthday cards to people. We used to hand write them. If you can’t do it by computer, hand write a birthday card and send it. Just compile a list. You are tracking your members somehow. People who get a birthday card signed by us in the office love it. Actually I paid a college kid to sign everybody in the office’s name, but I am telling you, how many people came to us on the deck with tears in their eyes, saying that is the only birthday card I got. If I didn’t hear that once a month, I heard, I promise you, it is unbelievable the affect it has on retention.

We now do it automatically by emails. Dan and Julie have programs such that the birthday emails for tomorrow are sent to all the coaches so that the thirty coaches that know somebody that I don’t know will maybe say something. Every day there is an email list that goes out to the team. It goes out to our contacts. Happy Birthday from the Staff and here are all our names down at the bottom. A personal service. This email is automated. We don’t press any buttons. It is done automatically through our program but even if you cant have something that sophisticated. Get it done. The amount of time it takes you is just really not that much.

Automated mass emails, wow. It used to cost me a thousand dollars a month to send out the newsletter when we were a third the size that we are now and to be able to do a newsletter in print, you are always waiting forever for the last 5% of information. Oh will that pool open? Are we going to be able to have the Christmas party? There is always something holding up a hard copy newsletter. It doesn’t have to be when it is online. We have a system such that we type up a newsletter and the information is emailed out and it goes right to our webpage so it is a combo right there. Boom! It goes out. It goes to our webpage. It is just incredible what the mass emailing, we are able to filter, if we want to send it only to the women or just the men or whatever it is, you can go online, you guys can do that, you have to do that.

Automated news. When you are a group the size of us it is really difficult to keep it all together, how do you make phone calls, the pool closes down, some little kid did a doo-doo. You have always got an issue.

Marketing strategy and tactics via the internet: okay, I have already addressed this, get every single person’s email and telephone number whether they join or not. Hey, I have talked about it. We then are able to email them. Now, a person calls in. Here is what my office staff does. They say, okay you are going to come to Tuesday night’s workout at 6 pm. Charlie you are going to come and swim with us Tuesday night and we get your information, way to go Charlie. Now when Charlie goes and swims the next day he gets either an email or a phone call from our office saying how was your swim.

Now the hundred people that call in to our office. I mean, we are very good at marketing so we get a lot of people that almost aren’t interested. We probably do better at getting the non-interested person calling us than you guys because we are very aggressive in the marketing. We can talk about that too. But basically of a hundred people that call us, you will have 80 of them not show up due to procrastination. Only about 20% will come on the first phone call.

The IRSA standard is ten phone calls to get somebody to join a health club. Those are the professionals. Ten phone calls. I would say SCAQ is starting to approach half of that so Charlie, you didn’t come last night. Did we give you the wrong directions. Is there a problem? Well how about Thursday night? We have the same workout at the same pool. Good, that is entered in our computer. Charlie, the next day, did you make it to the workout. We keep harassing a person until they say Good God, take me off the list. We are never going to swim with you. We got that percentage from 80% down to maybe about 40%. If I can get them to come in and swim I guarantee you they will write a check and sign up, 90%, they will love their experience. It is unbelievable the success, if we can just get them to the pool.

We have a long list. It is color coded. I don’t look at it but blues did that, right? Green is the call today and red are the people, because Charlie didn’t show up, he becomes red. Our staff keeps on going after those people in red. Is it time consuming? You bet. I am the only swim club in the United States I think that has one person assigned to those phone calls – imagine – but how much money does it bring in? It is well worth it. The person phones the person up. What is the problem? What happened? You know, what are your goals, what are your interests?

People forget to go to expos, events, city functions, triathlons, any other possible organizations that you can go to. Set up a table, a booth – you can squeeze into almost anything for free. I happen to have to started paying for these things now, but I happily go to the LA Marathon, pop down $500 and don’t even question it. I have a signup list and people are signing that list and there are 300 people that are signing. Now then that 300 people, with their emails go in card data and you guys figure out the math. $645, how much does it cost me to get that list and start going after these people? If I get two people joining I have covered my cost and these are people with questions I mean, probably half of them are somewhere else in the LA area and I will tell them where to go to another swimming program. Once again, it is just exposure. There isn’t anybody that doesn’t join in some other swim program that doesn’t have family or friends to somehow get the word out.

Next, sign up sheets. Everybody loves to have a brochure. Don’t be a passive marketer. Be an active marketer. Get a sheet out that gets their name and what else? Their email address, and their telephone number. We have the three Speedo stores, and the other big swim shops in the area put out a clipboard, sign up here okay? And you are going to get discounts your first month of swimming. Get their name and email address, that is the key. It is priceless.

Cross marketing with other groups, running clubs, triathletes clubs, kids teams, etc. There are so many organizations that you guys can go out and tap. #1 are the triathletes. Those guys are so hungry to come in and spend their money on you it is unbelievable. What I have done in the last couple of years is gone to the race directors of the triathlons and said let me take over swimming for you. I have redesigned their courses. I liaison with the life guards, I saved the guy at the LA triathlon $10,000 last year. He is tickled pink.

I reorganized it so it is not a ridiculous walk a mile down and swim a mile back and come into a finish and lifeguards are spread out the whole way. I said, what are you doing that for. Let’s just do a nice little Y, drop everybody off at the same place and have the lifeguards guard the same. You know what he gave me? He gave me access to 60,000 emails. He is the largest organizer of triathlons in the United States. Long Beach Triathlon, LA triathlon, Newport Triathlon, Catalina, one back east. He does a few marathons as well. We are now able to send out swimming information through his website, priceless. And we are linked. I am linking them to you guys. If they are not West LA I am happy that they are coming to you guys.

Lets go back to contacts. So our office has a real simple system. There it is on that one yellow page, top left box, there it is, first time caller. They hit that button, BOOM. Up comes all the information. We also try to get as much as we can from the person, track where they got the information. Yellow pages? expos? triathlon? Where are you spending your efforts?

By the way, I am surprised Jim doesn’t go into the yellow pages. I spend a thousand dollars a month on yellow pages. One third of it is for our kids lesson program which is just in West LA, 2/3 of it is ads all over Southern California, not quite into Orange County, but all of LA Metro, all the way to the Valley because people drive to swim. They are going to drive by West LA and if they don’t and they join another team, fabulous. They are spreading the word of masters swimming. I am happy to spend that money. It doesn’t take but one swimmer and a half to pay for that monthly phone bill, well it takes one swimmer actually to join and swim for a year. Believe me, the phone rings off the hook with yellow pages. You got to advertise in the swimming instruction and you got to advertise in the health club section and you don’t have to spend what I do with an inch and a half ad. You can go to a one liner.

When it gets far away from us I only spend 10-15 dollars a month for a one line item saying SCASC, Southern California Aquatic Master Swim Club. Make your name legally long and they have to print it all. Don’t be just a short name. When you first sign on for the yellow pages make your name long and get in, it is priceless. People do not necessarily need the large inch and a half, two inch ads. You do not have to be very dramatic. One line. When people are getting a taxi or a plumber they look and it is the first big flashy ad. When they look for a health club or swimming pool they are going to go through and they are going to look at everything and they are going to examine it because this is a long-term thing and a long-term commitment so you don’t have to be too, you know, if you are in a smaller city market you really can be in for $50 a month. That is probably one swimmer joining, paying for that yellow page ad. The yellow pages, they will just be coming. I have been doing it for 16-17 years. Be active and not passive.

You really need to believe in your sport and you have to be a little bit of a business person and say, the great coaches, lets take the Mark Schuberts, the Eddie Resses’. Just think about it. How much better are they than all the other people in the room listening to them talk? You know, what the one thing they do better? Marketing. How many people has Mark Schubert taken from an 8 year old and developed into Olympian? Eddie Reese, my coaches you know, they did it by marketing. They did a good job of coaching yes, but you’ve got to deliver the product, but you have to get people in the door and that is common to any profession anywhere. No matter how good your product is, it’s no good if you don’t get it out there that you guys have a great product. You are all probably great coaches, but you are probably not doing any marketing.

Automated email strategy and tactics: so you’ve got this data base list. You can start by marking down how enthusiastic they are. We have an A, B, C, D and E on the phone. We have marked down how enthusiastic they were. If they are an A man they are going to sign up boom. We are going to get them. We call them back first. The B’s, maybe we will call them back second. The C’s and the D’s, well maybe we wont call them back we will just send them out an email saying have the rest of September for free if you sign up for October. Give them something, get them in that door. If you can get them in that door hold onto them. There is your key. Let automated emails do all your call backs. We probably are really hitting maybe 80% automated emails. I don’t think anybody doesn’t have an email address these days.

We have a great program, like I said, Dan and Julie have done a wonderful job over the last five years developing me and the office staff, Paul has been helping out for the last six months – really trying to get things going so it is easy and I tell you, it has saved two workers in my office, the same size office that I was in 8 years ago with half the number of people.

Next: We can track. We don’t always do it. It is hard. We are overworked. We probably need another person, but it is hard to keep everything going but you need to sometimes run a report. Gee the yellow pages, the phone company is folding up, now what should I do? What is our retention level with phone book ads? How are we doing with all these people that are calling in? You can track that when you keep tabs of the data. Luckily, we have a system that does that but you guys can do it on an Excel file and you need to do it.

Next, Swimmers network. We have developed a great fund raiser. It is an automated system, it gets people online and it does a couple of things. First, it makes you money. For a nominal fee you ask people that are a chiropractor, a dentist, a masseuse on your team, “hey – how would you like to go online for a few bucks a month and be part of our program?” It raises you money. They are charged automatically. For our system they are charged automatically. We are very willing to share the system with you guys. What it will do is it will give you spare cash, and your members a starting point for people who join your program to look for let’s say a masseuse? They want to see another swimmer at that office so they are going to have that trust and reliability.

I think we can make $800 for every 50 swimmers. If you had each one of them oh what does that add up to? You know, somebody is going to come in with a hundred dollar per month, some people may only come in with ten dollars per month but the point is it is really easy to network and this is done as a streaming banner on our website. It goes by and there are the names of the companies. It just streams by and then if you go in and lock into it you will see the various companies. You can say, “lets see the accountants,” you can filter this.

Next: Paul, what do we charge them? Paul: Yeah, if you don’t want to charge you don’t charge anything. If you have a running group that you want to cross market, put them on, but it’s a streaming banner. Really simple, really easy. We would have to charge you guys at least 5% just to cover the banking and the effort but we are happy to share it.

Next: Your business. Your people and it is also, connected to ours and to anybody else that does this and therefore if somebody is coming into Houston and they see it they can go online with it. Go ahead, take another minute, and it will raise you money and it will increase your participation. If you have people participation in your program you will win all the way along. You are going to retain them longer. You are going to hold onto them and they are just going to pay you more money and they are going to love you.

Next: Automated online business for billing. This was done I guess the first Thursday of September we hadn’t even done the billing, but what we do is we are automatically able to press a button and everybody is billed, done, finished, no chasing of checks. Oh my God, I can’t even imagine it with nine swimming pools. I cant imagine with fifty swimmers having to go out and say, gee you know, I need your check now. Charlie, we need that check. You have joined now you got to pay up you know, you paid the first month but we need it for September, sorry Charlie, we are picking on you.

Next: Retention levels. Now when you have a person paying by check and it is September the 6th and they have a sore shoulder or a sore knee or something happens and they are not swimming or you got them mad or one of your swimming coaches or somebody in the lane got them aggravated, what happens? They pay for September, but they are slipping out the door. They are no longer swimming. When do you find out about it? October. Gee, Fred is not swimming any more. He hasn’t paid. Did we notice? I don’t track the swimmers like Jim does. I am very interested in how he does it but we can’t do it.

People have to call up to cancel the credit cards. Gee, I am going to quit. My office has a chance now. Oh you mean Clay pissed you off in the workout? I am really sorry. Take the rest of September for free. We will get you back on October. Maybe we kept the person for another year. You got a sore shoulder? Well one of our coaches will meet you ten minutes early and we will look at your stroke and technique and talk about it. You are having problems at the job? Don’t worry about it, we will cover September. Come back in October. Don’t lose that swimmer. You lose them, they get out, swimming gets out of their schedule, they are gone. You are not getting them back. Do anything you can. My office is instructed, don’t tell my swimmers, give them anything, give them a month for free, give them two months for free. Do anything you can not to lose that person in the water.

We then program it so that in October or November, they are programmed automatically to be billed. They have to call us back. Well, try your sore shoulder again, but don’t forget to call us back towards the end of September if we have not technically helped you long enough. Call us back and we will cancel you for October, but you are on to get charged for October. It is phenomenal. You don’t have to worry about that person slipping out the back door. They have to call the office. We are able to track when they quit we have a whole set of reasons why they quit and we explain it and then we put it in their data base why they quit and then we put a call back time, when should we call them back.

The guy broke his leg, cant swim for sure. Call him back in December. December 1st pops up in the office, call back John because he has got a broken leg and it should be mended. What do we do in the meantime? Send him emails, John, I hope the leg is getting better and that guy is coming back. You know, he thinks we love him. We do love him but we don’t have to sit down and do hard copy card. It is done instantaneously. We also have about ten sample emails for all occasions. My office takes them, pulls them out, changes them, puts their name on it and out it goes. It’s very simple. It doesn’t take any time.

You guys all probably fly by the seat of your pants. I know I do. It is inevitable. I am trying to, do all the things I am trying to do, but it really helps to take a look. Even if it is an excel program, take a look at what you are doing. You will be very surprised at what the numbers show? How are you doing? What about one pool? What about one coach? What is happening here? What is happening there? Why are they quitting. We have a huge number of people that will quit this month because all the triathlons are finished. A huge number. We are able through our system to do an accounting very easily.

What is really nice is that the coaches have to write up the workout online and submit it and the number of people that swam in their workout and it all gets filed in. They don’t get paid unless they did that. They three days to do it from the time of their workout or they cant do it. Sorry, didn’t get paid for that workout. What happens? We have an archive of I don’t know how many thousands of workouts so if you have a favorite coach you can pull up that coach and you can look at it. I guess I am the only one that really doesn’t do it do I?

We are able to calculate the pool bills also so when we get the pool bill by mail we just go right online and we look at it. Oh yes, this is how many hours, that’s right or Oops, we were not there. We are always finding problems with our nine swimming pools and all the bills that we pay. Coaches really do get into putting it online. It is kind of fun. People that they have a real close association with, they get to develop. One of our problems being so large is that we don’t have that personal interaction as much as we should. It is a large fitness club really so we try as hard as possible to do those little things that will make it a little bit more interactive from the coach to the swimmer. So the coach is able to write up a workout and maybe splash a little bit of editorial in there and then get it online. It really does make a difference and people really do look at it. People are looking at that data base.

I am sure there are lots of questions. I left lots of time. It’s the quick and dirty. The simple things are just, you got to do a little extra work. It doesn’t just come as a freebie because of the grace of your great coaching. You have to do a little extra work. Is everybody asleep? Long convention?

Justin – question: how many people do you ____________ sure, they hate it at first, but I am sorry – you got to do it. You can pay with a check yearly, half a year, or you are online. Otherwise, sorry, no checks and now with ATM you can get the ATMs on.

We used to have a penalty of $10 and then finally I think a year ago we just said forget it. If you want to pay by check you added $10 to the check that was all there was to it. We have just a couple of people that are still on that system that have been members for 20 years. Nobody else joins and pays by check unless they pay for half a year, a year, or there is ticket booklet for those that are drop in people. I mean we love to have visitors and it is always free for somebody to come in and swim with us.

Actually I charge double what anybody else charges. So if it is zero it is still zero. Just to discourage when they go back and say hey, why do we charge people because you know, it is fun to have people drop in. The ticket booklets are like $7.50 a swim and it is half a year, a year and then the monthly fee and we are a monthly fee of $57, but that is West LA and in the red.

In the back – two weeks is very nice. We usually make it two workouts and that is it. Get onboard. You know what the scoop is. Yeah, that is the key is getting them in the pool. Do anything you can. The URSA average, I don’t know if I said this, was $200 per person. That is the average health club to get somebody to walk in and pay a check and I think that is close to SCAT’s average is $200 to get someone to walk in the door and knock on the door and write that check out and that is a lot of money. You know, I think there was some irritation at the beginning but now it is just so common.

It is like the internet, everybody is on it. Everybody has got an email. Everybody knows that is the way to pay, sorry. Very few people now balk at it. Oh of course, the bank takes 2% automatically you know, and if we were to do it for you we would take another 3 because there is just so much work in doing all this, put it together. If you are interested in signing on we are happy to help you.

Mike, you had your hand up? Yeah, you end up pissing people off but hey you know what? Most of those, if you have 100 people, almost everybody but maybe two would be pissed off and gee if you are pissed off at that and you are trying to conduct an organization and a business and being a swim coach, man, they can go down to Mike’s program. Yeah, with us? We could probably do it in what? 30 minutes, five minutes? Five days or five minutes?

Oh it is the credit card application that is the more time consuming, but as far as us, you put your name in, Dan gives you a password and you are in there. No problem. Whatever data base, you can enter it or email it to Dan. You know, enter it yourself online. Now the good thing that we have with this online stuff is right now with the computers I can go and see what the office is doing today. Even though we have one office where we operate SCAQ our swim club and our kids lessons. Five people, Dan and Julie here and Paul are off campus and they are at home and they are in the same system operating and working on it. Right now I can go and look up a name, phone number, who were the call-ins.

We had a clinic today, by the way I am very proud to say, we had two clinics. Tomorrow is the Los Angeles Triathlon and then the Nautica is in a week. We have 130 people in clinics today. Right now as we are speaking they are finishing up. I am very happy to have their names and email addresses.

We live in a world where we are very sympathetic with people that have problems. We are swim coaches, don’t forget that. No matter how much business oriented you think I am we are very, very lenient to somebody that has an issue. They have a credit card, they are in debt – man, I cannot tell you how many people swim for free. Man, you let them go for free. I have had a guy I let go for free – he lost his job and everything – that was 15 years ago – he is the CEO of a company. I have one dedicated guy. He is very, very happy with the fact that 15 years ago he had a free year of swimming.

I knew he was in trouble, he had two kids. Jeff, don’t worry about it. Hey, you will catch up some day and you know what he did? When he had the money, he sponsored somebody else that didn’t have the money. He heard about somebody and he said, I will pick up the tab for them.

Question: is this part of your program where the roster is available to team members? Yes, if you look at that front page, I don’t have one, you can do cross lists of any type. You can look up everybody that has called. You can look up everybody that has called from one particular area code, you filter it out how you want to do it. All the kids of everyone on the team – can they you know, log right into a data base and here is the current September roster? Yeah, you can give your coaches limited access. This would be the full access. Our SCAC coaches have limited access and then we have a couple more clubs that are on and they can go on.

Maybe they don’t get into the accounting, but the treasurer does and see what exactly is happening, where the checks are going but basically it is really simple to have limited access and to call up the lists and report. They are called reports down here in the bottom right hand corner so it is just like an excel file but it is online and it is done simply here for you. What are all the swim clubs doing. Now if you have something different you want to say those that I don’t know – I have swimming and attended this Christmas party it is something you would probably call Dan up or Julie and just say, hey, we want an extra field – its that simple in excel and I want to be able to see it and I want to be able to pull it up and I want to make a list. Maybe I just want to talk to my 10 and unders.

Question: I am just interested in my being able to access the list of all the other swimmers so if somebody wants to look at the addresses because of a car pool, I don’t have to do that anymore, they can.

It is a little bit dangerous to do that unless you have passwords for your team and all that. You can do it, we have that ability. The problem is do you want to expose the address of your team to anybody that can come onto your website, unless it is secret?

Question: On your clinics, are you doing them for triathlons? What would you charge for something like that?

We have 130 people paying $40 if it is your second clinic it is $30. There is a talk for about 45 minutes to talk about strategy, safety, rip tides, waves, this is all at the beach. We are in LA and then for an hour plus after that small groups go out with one coach with life guarding experience. That is the key in these waves, you got to know how to save somebody in the waves. One on five for beginners, one on seven for intermediate. We have every capability. It is amazing what we do with our clinics. Paul for example back here has a technique clinic and he stops at ten. The 11th person is on the waiting list. The 12th person is – 13 is thrown out automatically.

_______ emails, nobody is doing anything in my office. They know, oh go online, hit Paul’s clinics. Then the ocean clinics they have to go online, sign up, put in their credit card, boom. We are doing that for a few other clubs too where you just don’t have to worry about it. Why? I can check from here everything that happened today which is so nice because we can dish out. I have a college kid that enters data for our ocean swim, you know, the results. The people go online and add their credit card, their email address and who they are but then I got some college kids putting down the places and the times and how they did and that, you should see that online. Unbelievable, it ranks everybody, all the ocean swims. I run or liaison with all the ocean swims too for masters in Southern California. Why? Marketing.

Well, we have a kids lessons program. We don’t have a swim team in between. We are doing that for masters and for kids teams and kids swim lessons. In my office we don’t have a kids swim team. We have a masters and we have the learn to swim program.

Lots of other questions? Anybody need any support material? If you want to get in contact with us it is really, really easy. and if you want to get on our list here of who signed up? Who was in attendance? We are happy to have you. we have a coaches manual on line and my coaches all go to that and learn how to coach, learn our methods and systems. Basically the secret of coaching is I hire the people that are in the pool. The people that swam with us for a year. They have an understanding of our program, what is happening. They have a relationship to the swimmers in the water and you know what they do? They coach so well. I don’t like to hire outside people to come in and coach – they have no relationship. That’s it? you guys are letting me off easy. It was very nice – good job, appreciate it.

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