Help Preserve College Swimming for When YOU (or your child) Goes to College!



It’s no secret that college swimming has been “under the gun” due to college budget cuts in recent decades.

We want to let NCAA Division I Presidents/Chancellors and Athletic Directors know that there is a large, vibrant, energetic and committed swimming community in the USA that appreciates the fact that THEIR University has kept swimming alive and well at their institutions.

AND let them know that we want them to continue that support, and that our Children will consider attending Universities that allow them to continue their swimming excellence during their college years.

During the time period Nov. 15, 2010 through Dec. 30, 2010, won’t you take a few minutes and write a letter or send an email to the President and Athletic Director of the institution of your choice. (or more than one if you’d like!) and say THANK YOU for their support of swimming and let them know that the tuition dollars of you or your child will flow towards the institutions that keep swimming opportunities alive.

You can find the email and mailing addresses of EVERY NCAA Division I institution in the country on the American Swimming Coaches Association website at:

Letters from young swimmers are particularly appreciated! How about your swimmer (s) sits down today and does something to preserve their own future opportunities?

Please help by distributing the below to all your swim team families via email! Many thanks!

All the Best,
John Leonard
American Swimming Coaches Association

“Individual Commitment to a Group Effort: That is what makes a Team Work, a Company Work, a Society Work, a Civilization Work.” – Vince LombardI – Football Coach, Green Bay Packers.

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