Happy Birthday to Swim Coach Forbes Carlile of Australia on his 90th Birthday


Forbes has been one of the iconic coaches of world sport…all sport for many decades now. A pioneer in breaking the infamous “Amateur Code” that kept professional coaches as serfs in every federation in the world, the signature fighter for the sport of swimming and all its athletes and coaches, all over the world, Forbes turns 90 on Friday, June 3, in Sydney Australia, with his marvelous Coach/wife, Ursula Carlile with him.

The Coach of multiple world record holders and Australian Olympic Medalists, including the incomparable Shane Gould, the last female to hold world records at ALL recognized distances, Forbes has been a scientist pioneer as well, introducing, along with his academic mentor, Professor Cotton, the term and practice of “taper” into the swimming literature.

The Australian Swimming and Coaching Community has invited the world to a special reception to celebrate his 90th Birthday on June 13 in Sydney.

Forbes has only a few true “contemporaries” still around, including Peter Daland of the USA, a man of the same age and distinction. At His, 90th celebration a few weeks ago in LA, Peter’s remarks included “if you marry well, you have a chance in life!” Certainly Forbes fits that category, and Ursula deserves congratulations to helping see Forbes through to this marvelous milestone.

Forbes, you are THE hero to many of us in coaching. Many happy returns of the day from the USA and around the world!

Happy Birthday my friend!
John Leonard, USA

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