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There was an interesting article in our paper over the weekend on the “1%.”

They are 300% more likely to work over 50 hours per week than the 99% and they are also 300% more likely to own their own business. The final 300% was church membership. They were 300% more likely to identify themselves as a member of a church.

I think this is what we have to keep pointing out to our kids. Whatever the field of endeavor – swimming, surgery, business, music – to be in the top 1%, you have to work harder than the other 99%; you have to be willing to go it alone if you have to and it isn’t about you. There are things bigger in life than you.

Back in the day that I did my leadership research, I found the same phenomenon. All of the coaches who participated in the original research focused for about 2 years on developing leaders (all the same character issues). Within 4 years, all of the programs had reverted to “just coaching.” Working on leadership/character is hard. It takes just as much planning and measurement as any other part of our training.

Character/leadership development requires a season plan for those activities. Sometimes “teachable moments” require us to opt for teaching over training. That is a very tough decision for most coaches. Teeing this issue up will help make that decision more clear for every level of coaching.

Good work, John, and good work, Heidarys!


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