From FINA President Julio Cesar Maglione


The following is an email to the ASCA Exec Director from FINA President Julio Cesar Maglione:

“It was my great pleasure to be with you in Rome on the occasion of the 13th FINA World Championships, and I express my appreciation to you for your excellent work as a member of the FINA Coaches Commission from 2005 to 2009, which was and is invaluable for swimming and undoubtedly we will continue working together in the future.

I am grateful to you for extending a kind invitation to me to attend the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) World Clinic in Fort Lauderdale next month. It would give me great pleasure to have discussions with swimming coaches from the United States and throughout the world, and I regard the role of coaches to be very important in the promotion, development and improvement of our sport.

However, upon my election as President of FINA, I have been requested to attend the IAAF World Championships in Berlin, to lead an evaluation team for ODEPA of three candidate cities for the 2015 Pan American Games (Toronto, Bogota, and Lima), and to attend the ODEPA Executive Committee meeting in Mexico City.

Therefore, with great respect for ASCA and with deep regret to the coaches who will attend the World Clinic, I must decline your invitation, but instead, I suggest that I visit the United States in early 2010. This will allow me the opportunity to meet with the leaders of your organization, as well as those of United States Aquatic Sports (USAS). As you know, USAS supported my candidacy for FINA President, and I am deeply indebted to American swimming leaders who helped me so much.

I extend my best wishes to you, to ASCA, and to all of the coaches who work so hard for the benefit of the athletes and the sport.”


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