Fellows 2018: Call for Applications

The application is now available for the 2018 class of ASCA’s Fellows program.

Each year the American Swimming Coaches Association selects a small group of coaches to serve a year of fellowship, working on a mentor-lead project: the Fellows. The program’s aim is to identify and begin educating the future coach-leaders of our sport. As such, ASCA Fellows are typically young coaches with a passionate interest in improving American Swimming.

The fellowship year is a year of education and action. The education portion begins in early September with an intensive “clinic within the clinic” at the annual ASCA World Clinic. The action portion of the program consists of working on and completing a project. Each selected candidate, under the direction of the ASCA staff and Board of Directors, completes a project during the Fellows year (from the 2018 World Clinic to the 2019 World Clinic).

The 2018 invited class will do face-to-face interviews with National Team coaches in their area. They will also do an underwater filming at that time. The interview will brief:
• What is the most impactful leadership book you have read and why?
• Could you describe a difficult leadership problem you encountered and how you dealt with it?
• Would you demonstrate a stroke drill or drill progression that you are using with one of your National Team members or prospects, and talk ASCA members through what you are doing and why?  (on film)
The results should be a comprehensive leadership reading list, a set of interesting leadership podcasts, and a good set of 3-5 minute (post-editing) stroke drill videos.

To be considered: Coaches interested in the Fellows 2018 class need to submit an application for the program. The application may be obtained by contacting ASCA staff member Matt Hooper at mhooper@swimmingcoach.org or by phone at 1-800-356-2722. Questions on the program can also be directed to Matt.

Application deadline for the 2018 Fellows class is: Wednesday, March 21, 2018.

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