Expand, Preserve and Protect Collegiate Swimming: Statistics


Tuition-based colleges and universities, take note!

According to the 2008-2009 participation survey of the National Federation of High Schools, Swimming and Diving is the 10th most popular sport for both males and females at the high school level, with 158,878 girls and 130,182 boys participating nationwide. The sport is NINTH in school sponsorship for girls teams with 6,902 schools participating and 10th in boys teams, with 6,556 sponsoring teams.

In addition, a number of schools with great club programs, have no high school swimming. The bottom line…..there are a LOT of swimmers graduating from high school each year, most looking for colleges to attend and many looking for colleges where they can swim.

Given the reasonable cost of a competitive swimming program if a pool is already in place, the economics of creating a swim program for both genders is at least the tenth best bet in collegiate sport.

Swimmers also traditionally rank in the top 1/3 of their college sports teams academic standing, so in addition to great athletes and great citizens, swimmers add value to the collegiate environment in terms of excellence in academics.

Coaches are available all over the USA in Club Programs, where they are trained, educated and certified and many can consider either full time or part time employment in a college setting to get a new collegiate program up and running, at reasonable expense.

Colleges interested in adding programs can contact the Collegiate Swimming Coaches Association of America at bobgroseth@gmail.com or John Leonard at the American Swimming Coaches Association JLeonard@swimmingcoach.org.

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