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She goes on with her story as follows:

“..In Beloretsk, the couple’s home close to the border with Kazakhstan, they withdraw the money in January 2012. For a meeting in Moscow.”


Igor Shobukhov: “We flew on the 12th to Moscow. There was a meeting there in the office of the Athletics Federation in the House of the Olympic Committee, we handed over the money, and they told us: ‘Everything will be OK,’ afterwards, on the next day, the 13th, we travelled to the training camp to Portugal.”


Graphic insert: “Reconstructed Scene”
Just under 200,000 dollars are said to have changed hands. Did Liliya Shobukhova really buy her Olympic start? And who took the initiative? How close together are bribery and corruptibility?


In this case, I keep on the trail. A document is passed on to me. The fact is: the IAAF had reported the striking blood values to the Russian Federation. Shortly before the Olympic Games in London in 2012 in June. Almost three years after the first eye-catching blood values. And these are now regarded as a doping violation. Strange: shortly afterwards coach Alexei Melnikov contacts Liliya Shubokhova and her husband Igor wanting money again, they say.

That name Melnikov, there it is once again. The man I already met in the video. The one who talked about doping practices.


Lilya Shobukhova: “This time he asked for twice as much. We should not pay 150000 Euros, but 300000 Euros. We should pay this sum in two instalments.”

Graphic insert: “reconstructed scene”
They pay in cash once again, and in dollars, they say. A total of 450,000 Euros. Just under $600,000.


The Olympic Marathon in 2012. With Lyliya Shobukhova. She says she had to pay a great deal of money for her participation. To her own national federation.


Original commentary London 2012 (in german) – “Jetzt ist es aus. Die Russin ist weg. Man könnte vermuten, dass sie auch nicht ganz im Vollbesitz ihrer Kräfte war.”
But her story is not over with that:


Despite extremely conspicuous values, in the Olympic year, the IAAF probably does not want to know whether the top marathon superstar dopes or not. Her name does not appear in the control statistics, which provides information about testing during training. The IAAF comments that she had been tested once in competition. One single time. Shobukhova seems to be protected. By those to whom she paid? I’m slowly getting closer to a possible answer.
2013: Liliya Shobukhova becomes pregnant. And in the background something is brewing. She should still be suspended. Probably because persistent doping analysts who were aware of her blood values, did not want to keep quiet. Again, they are asked to come to Moscow, they say:


Igor Shobukhov: “Melnikov told us there, that we must sign a paper. It was about the suspension of Lilja, and then he showed me the paper. It was from the IAAF. I replied: we will not sign the paper. And asked them: what have we paid the 450,000 Euros for?”

Lilya Shobukhova: “Balakhnichev was already getting nervous, because I refused to sign the paper.”


And then this Balakhnichev had arranged for the money to be repaid, they say. Balakhnichev, President of the Federation. The man who only recently in Zurich, told me he knew nothing about doping. I never get a reply to my written questions about it.


However, from Igor Shobukhov I receive a document. It is the copy of a bank transfer. To Igor Shobukhov. For a sum of 300,000 Euros. From: Black Tidings. A company. I find out: Black Tidings really exists. Entered in the commercial register of Singapore.


Singapore. I want to know who owns this company in the off-shore paradise? This is a purely residential area, no companies far and wide. And here is the address of Black Tidings. And in order not be noticed, a concealed camera is running. And this is the letterbox of Black Tidings. The attempt to talk to the man who is to be found at this address.


Reporter: “I would like to talk to you about Mr Shobukhov.

Apartment owner in Singapore, made unrecognizable (no insert): “Who is he?”

Reporter: “He has received 300,000 euros from you.”

Apartment owner: “From me?”

Reporter: “From Black Tidings. Are you the owner?”

Apartment owner: “I just what a partner from this company. I don’t know what you are trying to do, but let me call the police then.”


Later I finds out: the apparent mailbox company Black Tidings was liquidated shortly after the payment to Igor Shobukhov. Did Balakhnichev and Melnikov actually have something to do with this company, which paid 300,000 Euros to Igor Shobukhov? I get an email. With the title “bank confirmation.”

To: Liliya Shobukhova and her husband.
From: Alexei Melnikov.

A forwarded email from a certain Valentin. Valentin Balakhnichev. And the attachment: the transfer confirmation for 300,000 Euros, which I am already aware of.

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