DOC Talk Speaker Guide


Step 1) What is a DOC Talk?

  • DOC Talks are a showcase for coaches and more, to present ideas in 6 to 15 minute Videos.
  • The goal is to make other coaches better at their profession through sharing your knowledge
  • Click Here to see an example of a DOC Talk

Step 2) Develop an Idea

  • Your Idea should be something that you are very passionate about and would like to share with the coaching community
  • You do not need to be the world’s foremost expert on the topic, but you do have to be directly involved in what you are referring to

Step 3) How To Film

  • Camera should film in 1080p
  • An iPhone or other smart phone is fine!
  • Filming by a pool is great, but can be quite noisy if a practice is going on! We recommend using a microphone (but is not required), even one that is on a pair of headphones
  • Ideally filmed by another person, but holding the camera yourself is OK.

Step 4) Submit Your Videos!

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