DOC Talk: Matt Kredich: The Main Ideas behind Sprint Training at The University of Tennessee


Coach Matt Kredich: Coached at the University of Tennessee for 15 years. Women won first SEC Championship this past February. Many time USA National Team Coach. Coached Olympians Molly Hannis and Christine Magnuson, recent American Record Holder Erika Brown

Main ideas in sprint training at Tennessee.

  • Pay attention to Impulses and Spaces in each stroke cycle
    • When both work together in rhythm, you can tap into the elastic properties of the myofascial system. This is where the artistic and creative athletes thrive, because they have to tune in to their body.
      • Impulses – combination of power applied IN the water (anchor/propulsion) and movements that generate momentum THROUGH or OVER the water (throwing/diving/balancing the body forward)
        • Strongest when driven from the core of the body and radiate outward through rotation or wavelike moments.
        • Highly dependent on posture.
      • Spaces – the moments between impulses – how well does your body carry momentum?
        • This is dependent on shapes and postures. Eliminate drag!
        • Postures that are powerful are also slippery (low drag)
    • Have to be able to understand & perform the stroke slow to do it fast.
    • Flow and feel – both of these are highly dependent on sensory awareness – awareness of WHAT you feel in relationship to the water. We don’t ever use the term “hard” in swimming. One of the most useful exercises we do is swimming distances at about 92% of your top speed. This backs off on effort enough
  • Awareness is everything. Learning requires feedback, feedback requires awareness.

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