Dear Friends,


It is with sadness and a profound sense of loss, that I tell you today of the passing of our great and good friend, Richard Quick, last night in Austin. (June 10)

I feel this deeply as a very personal loss, as I know Richard as a close and personal friend. It is one measure of his life that I take comfort in knowing that LEGIONS of people around the world, consider Richard to be the same in their lives. If indeed a man’s measure is the consideration of what he leaves behind, then Richard was one of us who leaves the greatest of treasure, an admiring and grateful throng of people who considered him, “a close and personal friend.”

Each of us have specific and individual memories of Richard that we personally cherish. For me, his constant admonition to begin each meeting and later to evaluate each meeting, by the simple measure of “in this meeting, lets make every action for the benefit of those we serve, THE ATHLETES,” to be one of his most profound, lasting and inspirational thoughts.

Richard is a great coach, a great leader, selfless in service to his sport and all who participated in it, and most importantly, a man who loved his family and his friends, and let all of us know it.

I will sit with my athletes tonight and tell them about Richard, what he meant to all who knew him and what a difference one committed man can make in the world. And I know that many other coaches around the world today, will do the same.

Our loss is deep and lasting. More importantly, what he has left us, will endure forever as we pass it on to our colleagues and friends, in his name.

With love and respect, I say “GODSPEED, Richard, And PEACE.”

John Leonard

Leadership in American Swimming through Education, Certification, Collaboration

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