What is Important in Ten And Under Swimming?
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Intended and appropriate Audience: Age Group Coaches with limited experience and Age Group Swimming PARENTS!
By: John Leonard, Age Group Coach for 49 years, currently Coaching SwimFast Swim Team in South Florida and the Executive Director of the American Swimming Coaches Association since 1985.

Why watch this? Competitive Swimming is a highly complex sport. Mr. Einstein said “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no Simpler”.
I’m not Mr. Einstein, but this short 30 minute program is a reminder to parents and coaches to Keep the Main Thing, The MAIN THING.
It centers on what is SATISFYING to young swimmers, while keeping them on a pathway that opens the broad opportunities of Age Group Swimming for them.
It talks about appropriate practices, swim meet experiences and learning opportunities that should be present in any good ten and under program.
I discuss what matters to Ten and Unders and how we, as coaches, can provide it. In the end, it comes down to “three learnings”. Find out what they are.
Hope you enjoy it! All the Best, John Leonard

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