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“On Being An Age Group Swim Parent”


Length: 12 minutesAuthor: ascaadminComplexity: Standard

A program for parents of swimming children, to understand the process and their role in it, better.
There is nothing easy about being an age group swimming parent. There is no “users manual”. And if there was, it would have to be different for every child.

But there are many COMMON situations and issues. After almost 50 years of coaching, I am familiar with all of them. This short, 20 minute program, will provide you with an overview of some of the most important things for you to consider if you wish your child to have a satisfying and successful career in youth sports.

It’s not the “users manual” but it is a good place to start in learning how to best assist your child. If you find it meaningful, you’re invited to explore our other on-line education offerings from a distinguished list of successful coaches of age group and senior swimmers. (most are roughly an hour a program).

All the Best, John Leonard, Executive Director, ASCA, since 1985.

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