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The Leadership School is the fourth of ASCA’s five certification courses. One can argue that effective coaching is all about effective leadership, and, therefore, Level 4 is a course to take early in your coaching career. Leaders are not born, they are made. This course can help make them.


Developed from our highly successful clinic course, the the Leadership School manual teaches specific skills and steps that you need to master to lead children, or other adults, effectively.


The school helps coaches understand the agencies and organizations that administratively run the world of swimming. As each swimming organization is presented, suggestions on how individual coaches can be involved are also provided. The leadership function is then represented in sections that provide education on the skills, abilities and methodology important in making presentations of all sorts, including written and oral styles. The Leadership School also contains a review of modern leadership literature, a section on personal goals, and 50 great sales ideas to help you coach better.


Every coach leads and every coach is a leader, whether you are the Head Olympic Coach or you have your first coaching job with those beautiful 8 and unders.


The School has three parts: Part One discusses the role of leaders, the skills of leadership and the “how-to’s” of the daily nuts and bolts of leading groups, and teams and organizations of all sizes and types.


The second part moves from that base, into specific leadership issues that occur in types of swim organizations from YMCA’s, to High Schools, to club teams to NCAA teams, and also provides an overview of the various alphabet organizations, ASCA, CSCAA, NISCA, National Federation, NCAA, USOC, USA-Swimming, FINA and the IOC which touch all of our coaching lives. It’s the 30,000 foot view of the world of swimming in the 2nd hour of the second section.


The third part comes right down to the grass roots level where you and I coach everyday…..we have to sell our ideas to everyone we touch, athletes and parents, administrators, principles, Athletic directors…literally everybody. Part Three discusses what sales is, how to approach it and how to sell successfully, including to your own group with the common questions that every coach has to answer.


Overall, its six hours of very specific things that you can use TODAY to improve your success as a swimming coach and your effectiveness as a leader.


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