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Welcome to the ASCA Level 3 The Planning and Execution of Training For Swimmers of All Ages Online Certification Course. It is a live presentation recorded in Texas by Coach John Leonard, executive director of ASCA. For the most effective learning strategy, please print the final test first and preview it before watching each of the video parts. Lastly, take the final test on paper and submit it to ASCA for grading to obtain certification. The submission information is listed on the exam. Good Luck and most importantly Enjoy!


Chapter 2: The Physiological Basis for Performance-Background Science

Length: 29 minutesAuthor: John Leonard

  1. The Cardiovascular System and its Functions
  2. Skeletal Muscle
  3. Energy Metabolism
  4. Swimming Economy – Looking for the Ability to go Farther, Faster, at a Lower Energy Cost
  5. Definitions of Types of Training
  6. Fatigue Mechanisms in Various Energy Configurations During Exercise
  7. Nutrition and its Effects on Energy Production

Chapter 4: The Planning and Execution of Training for an Age Group Team

Length: 47 minutesAuthor: John Leonard

  1. Definitions
  2. The Coach Directs the Age Group Program
  3. Designing the Age Group Swimming Year: Options and Ideas
  4. Designing the Age Group Season: Options and Ideas
  5. Designing the Age Group Meso-Cycle: Options and Ideas
  6. Designing the Age Group Weekly Cycle: Options and Ideas
  7. Designing the Daily Practice for an Age Group Team
  8. Gryland Training for Various Age Groups
  9. Preparing Your Age Group Team for Competition… An Everyday Project
  10. Evaluation of the Age Group Program and Replanning for Next Season
  11. Additional Reading and Resources

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