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This course is 5+ hours of online education that covers ALL the information that a student of the sport would want to know about the history and present of the Breaststroke stroke, as well as over two hours of “how to” teach technique and train breaststroke from Coach Bret Lundgaard (Princeton).

This course is narrated by ASCA’s own, John Leonard.

The student of the sport cannot find a better in depth observation of the stroke. The program can be taken online at your own pace.

ASCA is working now on the same format for Backstroke and Butterfly. We hope you will consider adding this to your coaching “toolbox” today!


History of Breaststroke: 1910 – Current

Length: 145 minutesAuthor: ascaadminComplexity: Standard

Historical Footage containing five segments of video footage on the development of the stroke though history. Each segment contains commentary and technical points of interest.

Practical Application of Breaststroke

Length: 6 minutesAuthor: ascaadminComplexity: Standard

A teaching video featuring real age group swimmers doing real breaststroke drills (the way you see them at practice!). This section is a practical application of the outstanding information provided from those aforementioned elite coaches.

Advanced Breaststroke Clinic featuring Bret Lundgaard

Length: 49 minutesAuthor: ascaadminComplexity: Standard

The last section will allow you to select videos of Advanced Breaststroke clinics filmed on site. Bret Lundgaard of Princeton is our first addition. Coach Lundgaard breaks down the development of Molly Hannis (University of Tennessee) as she became a 2016 US Olympian.

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