For the younger members of our profession, James “Doc” Counsilman was one of the foundational members of the Coaching profession in the latter half of the past century.

A legendary coach at Indiana University, the Head Men’s Olympic Coach of the 1976 Olympic Team and a simultaneous world-class swimming coach and academic researcher, Doc embodied much of what we today accept as Professional Coaching.

One of things that Doc lectured us all on constantly is that we cannot advance our sport solely by looking within our own sport. We had to learn from experts in other fields and bring that wisdom to swimming.

For over ten years, the Counsilman Memorial Lecture Fund has brought great speakers to the ASCA World Clinic from outside the sport, enriching all of our coaching lives. The fund allows us to secure speakers that the ASCA on its own, might not be able to afford to bring to the World Clinic. The leader of the Fund is Coach Bob Groseth, one of Doc’s close associates for many years. Thanks to Bob for taking on this task.

Thank you Doc, for your historic contributions to our sport!

And thanks to the financial contributors to the Counsilman Fund:

George Block Bob Bowman Forbes Carlile Frank Comfort
Dennis Dale Vern Gambetta Don Gingras Ron Heidary
Dick Jochums TJ Johnson, U. Wyoming Butch Jordan Cork King
Don King Matt Kredich Peter Linn John Leonard
Joanne Macher Peter Malone Tim Murphy Tom Musch
Mark Schubert Jack Simon Jim Steen Robert Strauss
Jim Tierney Chuck Warner Jiang Zhan Alamo Area Aquatic Association
Curl Burke Swim Club Indiana Sports Corp Mecklenburg Aquatic Club Orinda Aquatics
Santa Clara Swim Club USA Swimming    


The Counsilman Memorial Lecture Committee:

  • Chair: Coach Bob Groseth
  • Coach Jack Pettinger
  • Coach Mark Jedow
  • Coach Chuck Warner
  • Coach George Block
  • Dr. Joel Stager

Donate to the Counsilman Memorial Lecture Fund

We ask each of you now, to consider Honoring Doc and all he meant to the profession, with a donation to the Counsilman Memorial Lecture Fund. Donations of any size are very much appreciated.

To make a contribution, contact the ASCA office at 1 (800) 356-2722. Please indicate upon calling that your donation is for the Counsilman Fund, and we will process your card for the amount you wish to contribute. Thank you.


Donate to the Counsilman Memorial Lecture Fund

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