Coaches Training and Certification Agreement between USA Swimming and ASCA


USA Swimming in response to its USOC designated responsibility for oversight of a coach training program is collaborating with the American Swimming Coaches Association to provide a program of education for new member coaches in USA Swimming.

The overall objective is to enhance the development of swimming in the United States. This will happen as better educated and prepared coaches work with the athletes in our sport. Coaches education is intended to improve the quality of coaching available to our athletes.

ASCA has been the leader in coaching education since 1958 in the United States, and indeed, in the world of swimming. USA Swimming’s collaboration with ASCA is a natural partnership. Utilizing the resources of both organizations to develop the state of the art of coaching education program in Olympic sport, is both good business sense, and good sport management practice.

This agreement is non-exclusive for both parties. ASCA will provide education services outside the scope of this contract to many other coaches and agencies. USA Swimming is free to form additional relationships with coaching education providers if they are appropriate and if they meet all performance standards.

To understand if coach education is effective in delivering improved development of swimming, an understanding of coach effectiveness, its traits and how to measure those traits, is of significant importance. Both ASCA and USA Swimming will give best efforts to jointly develop methods to measure coach effectiveness.

USA Swimming oversight responsibilities will be developed and maintained to conduct program reviews, and encourage and enforce “best practices” in the delivery of this program and in all of coach education. Annual reviews will seek improvements and ensure compliance.

Both ASCA and USA Swimming will indemnify and hold the other party harmless in this relationship.

A detailed and precise 23-page document explains the exact nature of this “partnership.” While this extensive document is both valuable and necessary, and held so by both parties, the essential nature of the relationship between the two partners is a total commitment to support a mutually developed system for coach education to improve coaching and swimming in the United States.

While we believe that “good contracts make good partners,” we also believe that mutually supportive and beneficial programs will create a true partnership between USA Swimming and the American Swimming Coaches Association. We mutually look forward to productive and effective program development under this partnership.

Chuck Wielgus – Executive Director, USA Swimming

John Leonard – Executive Director, American Swimming Coaches Association

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