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We can teach any of our certification or continuing education schools including:

ASCA Level 1: Foundations of Coaching ASCA Level 2: Stroke School
ASCA Level 3: Physiology School ASCA Level 4: Leadership School
Dryland Training Working Successfully With Swimming Parents
Personal Organization For Coaches Age Group Sports Psychology
How to Write Workouts

Provide a Service to Area Coaches, Especially Summer League Coaches

Recently, our most popular course is Coaching the Novice Swimmer. This course is designed for the newer coach who has pre-team to novice level swimmers who swim really ugly freestyle, sit-down-in-the-water backstroke, unrecognizable breaststroke, and nonexistent butterfly. They float off the wall with maybe one leg and have the streamlining of a Mac truck and the balance of a newborn moose. They may or may not speak English, but it doesn’t matter because they never pay attention, some have ASHSADDAAADDDAHHH, some are listening to their parents instead of you, and the rest are under water. And you have 26 kids like this all by yourself.

This course is about managing the group and managing your time; it’s about fundamental progressions for each of the strokes; it’s about managing Mom’s and Dad’s; it’s about keeping your patience, having fun, and making real progress with these delightful young swimmers.

PowerPoint presentation with 100 video clips of little guys and girls doing basic stroke development drills.
A 40 page handout is included. 4 hour course.

We can also accommodate special requests such as Improving Board and Staff Relations, and Developing Your Staff.

Save Money on Sending Coaches to Distant Clinics

We can run one of the half-day courses on a Friday evening, the Level 2 Stroke School or Level 3 Physiology School, or two half-day courses on a Saturday, and a half day course on Sunday. For example, we can run the Dryland Training course on a Friday evening, the Stroke School all day Saturday, and How to Write Workouts on Sunday morning. We are very flexible.

The course instructor would be Coach Guy Edson. Guy serves several roles at the American Swimming Coaches Association’s national office. His two favorite roles are consulting with club coaches and their employers on coach-employer relationships, and teaching the ASCA courses. Since 1988, Edson has presented educational courses to over 5000 coaches throughout the United States and in six foreign locations. He takes particular care in presenting the information in practical terms which coaches can put to use at their very next training session. He was a full-time professional swimming coach for 15 years and had coached state championship teams in three different states before joining ASCA in 1988. He continues to coach a very small, very novice swim team for fun and to keep his teaching skills sharp.

Make Money: Turn It into a Fundraiser

We charge $3,000 for a Friday evening, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning program. this fee includes all of our travel expenses. You would be responsible for providing a classroom and a screen.

If you are able to recruit 25 coaches in addition to your staff and charge visiting coaches $100 each you get a free clinic for your staff. Bring in more than 25 coaches and make some money. ASCA will send invitations to all ASCA coach members in your area and post an announcement on our website.

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