Why Should All Your Staff Be ASCA Certified?

To earn the respect of your club parents, AND demonstrate that your club is a Professionally Coached Program.

Everyone coaching in a USA Swimming program has to pass the Level 1 course jointly developed by ASCA and USA-Swimming. That is NOT a differentiator.

What is a differentiator between you and the club down the road, is to have your full staff ASCA Certified. On your club website under coaches, at the start of their bio and under their photo, list “ASCA Certified, Level ______” . This is what parents look for….they immediately look for Certifications. This demonstrates to your club that you are serious about swimming, coaching and operating a top quality experience for children.

Here is an example of how to use it:

 “Every coach is USA Swimming certified.  That is the lowest, base level of certification.  Being ASCA Certified means that our club commits to annual professional development training, just like any other profession.  In addition, ASCA Certification means that our coaches commit to a Professional Code of Ethics that has been in place much longer than the USA Swimming Code.  Each Level that you see reflected on our website  reflects both academic training specific to swimming and the in-pool success of that coach’s swimmers and the coaches’ level of experience.   Our club requires all of our coaches to commit to that Code of Ethics and to annual professional development, and our club supports them in doing so.”


This is something that any club can sell to parents as a differentiator.

To get your coaches started on Certification for those who have not done so:



All the Best, John Leonard

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