ASCA Certified Summer League Coach Course PLUS Membership

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You receive unlimited access to this 6-hour, online video course and one-year of ASCA membership*. Featuring coaching greats such as Don Heidary, John Leonard, Guy Edson, and more. This course is all you’ll NEED or WANT to know how to be the BEST Summer League Coach you can be.

Learn at Your Own Pace!

The Online Video Course allows you to stop and go as you please and pick up where you left off.

* current members will receive a one-year extension.

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ASCA Certified Summer League
Coach Online Course

Everything you need to know to be ready for a great summer league season. This course is packed full of expert tips!

ASCA Full Year Membership

You get a one-year full membership with the American Swimming Coaches Association – the #1 swim coaching association in the world!

John Leonard John Leonard Guy Edson
Coach Don Heidary,
Orinda Aquatics
Coach John Leonard,
ASCA Executive Director
Coach Guy Edson,
ASCA Technical Director

ASCA Summer League Certification Plus Membership