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  • You must be a current ASCA member to be certified. Certification is a benefit of ASCA membership. Non-members cannot be certified. Membership must stay current to maintain certification.
  • You must submit a Certification Application to be certified. You cannot be certified at any level without applying.
  • You will not “become certified” until Level 1 is done. You will receive education credit for Levels 3-4-5! If you chose to take them “out of order” but you won’t be certified at that level until you present an appropriate achievement.
  • There is no “waiting period” between when you take the next ASCA Certification Course or Enrichment Course. You do not have to wait for your results of one exam to start or submit others!!!
  • You can take the various courses in any order you desire.
  • We ENCOURAGE you to take all five required levels long before you have an achievement to qualify for Certification at those levels. It is GREAT education and Level 4 in particular (Leadership) is important to EVERY coach to understand and improve.
  • You can take one course at a time or all of them simultaneously!!!!!
  • Once you have completed any certification course you will receive a “Certificate of Completion” to enhance your office wall or paper credentials. Colleges & Parents will love seeing the certificates of completion up on your wall from all the courses you have taken and passed!!! Plus they can be used to submit as CEU’s to other organizations!!!
  • Always keep copies of any test you submit. There are over 19,000 certification files and paperwork CAN get misplaced/lost etc. Better safe than sorry!
  • You can always email any Certification Updates, Exams, Times, etc. directly to in PDF format (Saves in Postage as well as time!)

From your friendly Certification Director at ASCA
Erin Rider

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