ASCA Continuing Education Courses

Only courses listed satisfy the ASCA Levels 3-4-5 Education Requirements


  1. Advanced Freestyle
  2. Advanced Backstroke
  3. Advanced Breaststroke
  4. Advanced Butterfly
  5. Dryland Training
  6. Teaching Age Group Sports Psychology
  7. Distance Training (Modules 1-2-3, each module counts as one course.)
  8. Coaching 8 and under Swimmers
  9. Training Age Group and Masters Swimmers – Maglischo
  10. Strength and Flexibility Training for Swimmers – Maglischo
  11. Vital Reading for Swimming Coaches
  12. Drills and Games – Potts
  13. Personal Organization for Coaches – Edson
  14. Working Successfully with Swimming Parents – Leonard
  15. Nutrition for Swimmers – Maglischo
  16. Common Issues and Solutions in Age Group Swimming
  17. How to Write Workouts – A Guide for Age Group Coaches – Edson


Tests must be submitted for credit to be earned. Please email tests to Emailing your test is the preferred method and the fastest way to have your tests checked and for education units to be awarded.

*Not all schools include a test; in this case, 20 ideas gained from the course must be submitted to gain credits.


For Level 3 Education, all five Required Schools and any three of the above CE Courses.

For Level 4 Education, all five Required Schools and  and four of the above CE Courses.

For Level 5 Education, all five Required Schools and any five of the above CE Courses.


ASCA Required Schools

All 5 ASCA Schools are required for 3-4-5 Education Certification


  1. Level 1- Foundations of Coaching
  2. Level 2 – The Stroke School – The Teaching of Strokes, Starts and Turns.
  3. Level 3 – The Planning and Execution of Training for Swimmers of All Ages.
  4. Level 4 – The Leadership School
  5. Level 5 – The Administration School for Clubs, High School and College teams.


*Important information to know.


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