ASCA Continuing Education Courses

Only courses listed satisfy the ASCA Levels 3-4-5 Education Requirements



  1. Advanced Freestyle
  2. Advanced Backstroke
  3. Advanced Breaststroke
  4. Advanced Butterfly
  5. Dryland Training
  6. Teaching Age Group Sports Psychology
  7. Distance Training (Modules 1-2-3, each module counts as one course.)
  8. Coaching 8 and under Swimmers
  9. Training Age Group and Masters Swimmers – Maglischo
  10. Strength and Flexibility Training for Swimmers – Maglischo
  11. Vital Reading for Swimming Coaches
  12. Drills and Games – Potts
  13. Personal Organization for Coaches – Edson
  14. Working Successfully with Swimming Parents – Leonard
  15. Nutrition for Swimmers – Maglischo
  16. Common Issues and Solutions in Age Group Swimming
  17. How to Write Workouts – A Guide for Age Group Coaches – Edson


Tests must be submitted for credit to be earned. Please email tests to

*Not all schools include a test; in this case, a summary of the course must be submitted to gain credits.


For Level 3 Education, all five Required Schools and any three of the above CE Courses.

For Level 4 Education, all five Required Schools and  and four of the above CE Courses.

For Level 5 Education, all five Required Schools and any five of the above CE Courses.


ASCA Required Schools

All 5 ASCA Schools are required for 3-4-5 Education Certification


  1. Level 1- Foundations of Coaching
  2. Level 2 – The Stroke School – The Teaching of Strokes, Starts and Turns.
  3. Level 3 – The Physiology School – the Planning and Execution of Training.
  4. Level 4 – The Leadership School
  5. Level 5 – The Administration School for Clubs, High School and College teams.


*Important information to know.


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