Certification Application

To Be Certified, Do The Following:

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  • Join the ASCA as a member. ONLY MEMBERS CAN BE CERTIFIED.
  • Complete this form as thoroughly as possible so we can analyze your credentials.
  • Provide copies of meet results or download athlete results from the web (upload files in form below or mail to office), to support Achievement Criteria.
  • Once this has been reviewed and processed, you will receive your personalized Certificate and a letter relating
    to your current Certification status and future needs.

    Everything in Your Certification File Originates from You!

    certification updateTo submit your ASCA Certification Application, please complete the online form above, or download this PDF file and submit to ASCA by mail or fax. If you have any other certification questions please contact ASCA at 1 (800) 356-2722 or email Certification Services.