ASCA Certification Achievement Requirements

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Certification Levels 1 and 2 require Education and Experience ONLY.
Level 2
No Achievement Requirements, however,
6 months of coaching experience required, and
Completion of ASCA Level 1 (Foundations) and Level 2 (Stroke) Schools.
Level 1
Completion of ASCA Level 1- Foundations of Coaching School.

Certification Levels 3, 4, or 5, also include a Performance Achievement Criteria.

  • You must have coached athletes who achieved the standards listed under each level below.
  • You need only ONE of the listed qualifications at each level.
  • You MUST be the PRIMARY COACH of this athlete in order to claim credit.
    (The primary coach plans and executes 90% of an athlete’s training)
  • Any coach, to be credited with that athlete, must have coached that athlete for 12 months prior to the attainment of the relevant criteria.
  • You need to submit proof of achievement as well as proof (or a statement of such if you are the Head Coach) that you were the primary coach of the athlete.
  • Assistant coaches, under certain conditions, certainly can be “primary coaches” of record.

Be aware that we thoroughly and carefully analyze and protect the integrity of the system by examining all “primary coach” claims that are provided.
Professional integrity is very important here.

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