Congratulations on pursuing ASCA Certification! Since 1988, over 15,500 coaches have been certified with the American Swimming Coaches Association. Being certified sends a message to your peers, your employer, your athletes, and your swim team parents that you are a Professional Coach. No matter what level you are at, it is a significant event that you have chosen to set yourself apart as a Professional Coach in pursuit of continuing education.

To Be Certified, Do The Following:

This will start the Certification process.  Note – This is the initial application for Certification.  If you are already ASCA Certified and are looking to update your file, please submit a Certification update instead.

Ways to Obtain Continuing Education Credits

ASCA Certified Members should accumulate 50 units of continuing education every 3 years. There are three basic ways to accumulate educational units:

  1. Attending Clinics,
  2. Online Education,
  3. Reading Pertinent Articles or Books, and
  4. Completing Home Study Courses


Attend a professional coaching clinic and you can receive credit. For swim coaching clinics you will generally receive 5 to 12 units per day. You will need to notify ASCA by completing the Certification Update form of your attendance at any and all clinics.

If you take a test or submit a list of 10 ideas per day that you accumulated you will receive 50% to 100% more units. If you attend a business, motivational, medical, or any other type conference you can also receive credit if the subject matter is related to coaching or the business of coaching. USA Swimming Webinars count – so let us know you attended!

ASCA Online Education:

Our newest and most convenient method for obtaining continuing education credits is through our Online Education courses. Our wide selection of online videos includes clinic presentations, home study, instructional videos, real-time workout videos, and more! Purchasing the video courses has never been easier. Simply visit our Online Ed store and gain immediate access. Then submit 15 ideas from each video viewed to receive up to 10 units of credit.

Home Study Courses:

ASCA currently has 26 home study courses, some with tests. Submit the test for 10 to 12 units of continuing education. If there is no test, just submit 20 ideas you gathered from the material to receive your credits.

For a list of home study courses visit our online catalog or email Certification Services to request a list be sent to you.


To receive continuing education units all you need to do is submit new ideas that you took from reading an issue of the ASCA Newsletter, ASCA Magazine, Journal of Swimming Research, or any other article, anywhere, anytime.

What’s an idea? It might be something you read OR it might be something the reading inspired you to remember from the past OR it might be something the reading inspired you to dream up. Coming up with an idea from your reading is what a professional does!

ASCA Newsletter: Submit 5 New to You Ideas, Earn 3 Units.
ASCA Magazine: Submit 10 New to You Ideas, Earn 5 Units.
Journal of Swimming Research: Submit 5 Ideas, Earn 3 Units.
Any Article, Anywhere, Anytime: Submit 2 Ideas, Earn 2 Units.
Any Sports, Nutritional, or Sport Psych Book: Submit 20 Ideas, Earn 10 Units.

Cert Requirements per Category

In all Certification cases, the coach is responsible for notifying ASCA of any continuing education updates.

Continuing Education Application