Certification for the Week Ending May 22, 2021


Kyndall Green from Wilmington, NC – Summer League Education USA Swimming

Mark Glover from Suzhou, Peoples Republic of China – Level 5 International

Charlotte Parkinson from Hamilton, Bermuda – Level 2 International

Shawn Squires from League City, TX – Level 4 Education USA Swimming

Suresh Silva Pilyandala from Colombo, Sri Lanka – Level 4 International

Margaret Davenport from Kingston, NY -Level 1 USA Swimming

Collin Khoo Qi Fong from Jalan Kayu, Singapore – Update International

Shujan Zhang from Henan, China – Update International

Arman Sanei from Ontario, Canada – Update International

Surya Prasad Sharma from Gurugram, India – Level 1 International

Sara Lisa Harris from Roquettes, Spain – Level 1 International

Jesse Ford from Andover, MA – Level 1 and 2 USA Swimming

Ann Jones from East Wenatchee, WA – Updated USA Swimming

Ryan Sjurson from Watertown, South Dakota – Level 1 USA Swimming

Robert Hughes from Federal Way, WA – Level 2 USA Swimming

Damion Ng from Tao Payoh, Singapore – Level 1 International

Yi Chao Shen from Shanghai, China – Level 3 International

Violerie Fajel from Jab Riya, Kuwait – Level 1 International

Murat Togay from Adana, Turkey – Level 4 International

Denise Bethel from Nassau Bahamas – Update International Learn to Swim

Estrella Moeller from Syracuse, UT – Level 1 USA Swimming

Jake Alexander from Monroe City, IN – Update USA Swimming

Nathan English from Boerne, TX – Level 1 USA Swimming

Chung Ching Leung from Hong Kong – Level 1 International

Sarah Dankert from Grand Island, NE – Level 1 Education USA Swimming

Caleb Flu from Madras, OR – Level 1 Education USA Swimming

Luke Kennedy Thompson from New Providence, Bahamas – Level 1 Education International

Darren Sandvig from Los Alamitos, CA – Level 4 USA Swimming

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