Certification for the Week Ending June 5, 2021


Patrick Nehemtalah from Beirut, Lebanon – Level 3 Update International

Hendrick Schalk Mouton from Western Cape, South Africa – Level 1 & 2 International

Siu Hei Wong from Hong Kong – Level 1 International

Dionisio Carey from Nassau, Bahamas – Level 1 International

Deanna Murlin from Tipp City, OH – Level 2 USA Swimming

Allen Clark from Green River, WY – Level 1 USA Swimming

Burak Karakaya from Boerne, TX – Update USA Swimming

Todd Raney from Decatur, IL – Level 3 Update USA Swimming

Sarah Toth from Elliot City, MD – Level 1 USA Swimming

Monica Ramirez from Edmond, OK – Level 1 USA Swimming

Michael Rourke from San Antonio, TX – Level 3 USA Swimming

Amy Shelford from Shanghai, China – Level 2 International

Christian Wohlmutter from Leoben, Austria – Level 2 International

Jim Roos from Annapolis, MD – Level 5 USA Swimming

Thomas DeShane from Ames, IA – Level 2 USA Swimming

Diana Gutierrez from Coppell, TX – Level 2 USA Swimming

Ryan Mel Gotis from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Level 2 International

Bradford Jason Milby from Cholla Vista, CA – Level 1 USA Swimming

Dahn Tran from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam – Level 3 International

Paige Johnstone from Ellijay, GA – Level 1 Summer League Certification USA Swimming

Cheryl Philps from Shanghai, China – Level 4 & 5 International

Yurvesh Dubey from Madhya Pradesh, India – Level 4 International

Wen Ma from Jingde Zhen, China –Update International

Adrian Illingworth from Singapore – Education Update International

Ashley Natonski from Oswego, IL – Level 3 Update USA Swimming

Katie Carr from Bainbridge Island, WA – Level 3 Update USA Swimming

Warren Fraser from Nassau, Bahamas – Level 1 Update International

Trudy Langrin from Potomac, MD – Level 3 Update USA Swimming

Brittany Bellomo from Coral Springs – Leve 2 Update USA Swimming

Sarah Dankert from Grand Island, NE – Level 1 USA Swimming

Sean McCauley from Milford, CT – Level 2 USA Swimming

Douglas Nist from Massillon, OH – Level 2 and 3 Update USA Swimming

Maggie Davenport – Kingston, NY – Level 2 USA Swimming

Caleb Flu from Madras, OR – Level 2 Update USA Swimming

Elinore Broer from Simpson Bay, Sint Maartin – Level 1 Update International

Heather Bent from Woodridge, VA – Level 3 Update USA Swimming

Blair Brockman from Tulsa, OK –  Education Update USA Swimming

Josie Sommers from Prior Lake, MN – Level 1 Update USA Swimming

Jade Hernandez from Montreal, Quebec – Level 1 Update International

Sherri Plunkett from Essex Fells, NJ – Level 1 Update USA Swimming

Amol Savarkar from Maharashtra, India – Level 1 International

Surya Sharma from Haryana, India – Level 2 International

Pragya Pandey from Noida, India – Level 1 Update International

Eirene Moshos from Reston, VA – Level 1 USA Swimming

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