Certification for the Week Ending June 19, 2021


Sheri Plunkett from Essex Falls, NJ – Level 1 USA Swimming

Monique Lescrauwaet from Brussels, Belgium – Level 3 Update International

Phillip Chan from Hong Kong – Level 1 Update International

Tara Shim from Santa Monica, CA – Level 2; Level 3 Update USA Swimming

Ryan Brodton from Ventnor City, NJ – Level 1 USA Swimming

Eline Broere from Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten – Level 2 International

Dr. Mohan Reddy, from Mumbai, India – Level 3 Update International

Coenraad Van Graan from Cape Town, South Africa –  Level 3International

Christian Daniel Mantea from Dubai, UAE – Level 5 International

Volkan Ozbilen from Singapore – Level 3 International

Rebecca Kallet from Greenwood, CO – Level 1 USA Swimming

Anna Melena Gomez from Bogota, Columbia – Level 3International

Angelie Lored Pitao from Duis, Philippines – Level 2 International

Joshua Lamb from San Antonio, TX – Level 2 USA Swimming

Jason Craig from Woodinville, WA – Level 1 USA Swimming

Rachna Sharma from Gurgaon, India – Level 2 International

Troy Jobe from Brandenburg, KY – Level 3 Education USA Swimming

Patrick Green from Biloxi, MI – Level 1 Update USA Swimming

Dionisio Carey from Nassau Bahamas – Level 2 International

Miriam Hierath from White Plains, NY – Level 5 USA Swimming

Siju R from Bangalore, India – Level 5 International

Julie Wiedner from FPO Armed Forces Pacific US – Level 1 USA Swimming

Krastan Koprinkov from Pafos, Cyprus –  Level 3 International

Susana Martinez from Laurinburg, NC Level 3 Update USA Swimming

Chris Schmitz from Minneapolis, MN – USA Swimming Update

Violerie Fajel from Kuwait – Level 2 International

Hesham Fawzy from Abu Dhabi, UAE – Level 4 Update International

Sherri Plunkett from Essex Falls, NJ – Summer League Certification Level 1

Chadwick Boles from Long Beach, CA – USA Swimming Level 1

Keith Lloyd from Nassau, Bahamas – International Level 1

Farel Irishanda Ngardiman from Malang, Indonesia – Level 1 International

Florian Hentzen from Windhoek, Namibia – Level 1 Update International

Tim Hamlet from Long Beach, CA – Level 4 USA Swimming

Linneth Tatta from Harare, Zimbabwe – Level 2 International

Mel Lawrence from Shakas Rock, South Africa – Level 3 International

Denise Bethel from Nassau, Bahamas – Level 1 International

Susana Martinez from Laurinburg, NC – Disability Swimming Level 1

Chung Chai Yung from Miri, Malaysia – Level 3 International Age Group

Matthew Bernacchia from Yonkers, NY – Level 2 USA Swimming

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