Certification for the Week Ending 7/17/2020


Terri Larson from Portland, OR – Level 2 – USA Swimming

Connor Landers from Fort Gibson, OK – Level 1 – Age Group

Eyleifur Johannesson from Aalborg, DENMARK – Level 3 – International Senior

Ron Dienstmann from Newburyport, MA – Level 4; 2 – Education; USA Swimming; High School

Elena Shekhareva from Grande Prairie, AB, CANADA – Updated Education

Ann Horowitz from Pelham Manor, NY – Updated Education

Werner Kroese from Pretoria, Gauteng, SOUTH AFRICA – Level 1 – International

Samantha Marais from Pretoria, Gauteng, SOUTH AFRICA – Level 1 – International

Bryce Carpenter from Anchorage, AK – Level 1 – USA Swimming

Tami Kellar from Weatherford, OK – Level 2 – USA Swimming; Age Group; YMCA Senior and Age Group

Mike Robinson from Humble, TX – Level 5; 4 – High School; USA Swimming

Biggi Lohberg from Royal Palm Beach, FL – Updated Education

Kirby Shaufler from Lake Stevens, WA – Updated Education and Experience

Craig Selig from Dothan, AL – Updated Education

Carolina Juvenal from Plainsboro, NJ – Level 4; 2 – Education; Age Group, 8 & Under

Kareem Essmat from Salmia, KUWAIT – Updated Education

Lee Zhien Huey from Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA – Level 1 – International Age Group

Nipal Mesbah from Alexandria, EGYPT – Updated Education

Michael King from American Fork, UT – Level 2 – High School

Gary Bach from Ramsey, NJ – Level 2 – USA Swimming

Christine Casazza from Dewitt, NY – Level 1 – USA Swimming; Age Group; Masters

Sharon Mary Cherian from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, INDIA – Level 1 – International

Gabriella Motter from Chicago, IL – Level 2 – USA Swimming; Age Group

Hannah Fuchs from Louisville, KY – Level 1 – Age Group

Cassidy Rindge from Charleston, SC – Level 2 – USA Swimming; Age Group

Katie Roach from Nassau, New Providence, BAHAMAS – Updated Education and Experience

Will McCorkle from Dowagiac, MI – Level 1 – USA Swimming; Age Group; High School; YMCA Senior and Age Group

Ali Baker from Jenks, OK – Level 4; 2 – Education; Age Group

Norad Margvelashvili from Rustavi, Kvemo Kartli, GEORGIA – Level 1 – International Age Group

Steve Tothero from Hamburg, NY – Updated Education

Qian Xiong from Nanjing, Jiangsu, CHINA – Level 1 – International

Darco Azarmaneche from Bucharest, ROMANIA – Level 1 – International

Eugene Chia from Woodlands, North, SINGAPORE – Level 4; 3 – International Senior; International Age Group

Desmond Amponsah from Accra, GHANA – Level 1 – International

Oleksiy Telegin from Doha, QATAR – Updated Education

Clara Kucinski-Murphy from Kirkland, WA – Updated Education

Madison Cook from Flower Mound, TX – Updated Education

Chi Ting Ma from Chai Wan, Eastern, HONG KONG – Level 2 – International Age Group

Kit Yee Wong from Quarry Bay, Eastern, HONG KONG – Updated Education

Chloe Joyce from Mid Levels, Central & Western, HONG KONG – Updated Education

Andreau Joseph Berríos Díaz from Lima, PERU – Updated Education and Experience

Robert Purnell from Baltimore, MD – Updated Education

Danny Gassaway from Tulsa, OK – Updated Education

Nick Leung from Chuk Un, Wong Tai Sin, HONG KONG – Level 1 – International

Brian Johnson from Mount Prospect, IL – Level 1 – USA Swimming; Age Group

Christopher Burke from Encino, CA – Level 2 – USA Swimming

Ethan HaoJun Zhang from Keelung City, TAIWAN – Level 1 – International

Welcome Nhlabatsi from Big Bend, ESWATINI – Level 3 – International Age Group

Lisa Baumann from Garden City, NY – Updated Education and Experience

Suzanne Rodd from Johannesburg, Gauteng, SOUTH AFRICA – Level 2 – International Age Group

Mohammad Eghbali from Canoga Park, CA – Updated Education

Eden Standard from Germiston, Gauteng, SOUTH AFRICA – Updated Education

Henry Reyes from Doral, FL – Updated Education

Brian Blackwell from Zelienople, PA – Level 3 – Age Group; USA Swimming Senior; High School

Will Gallagher from Philadelphia, PA – Updated Education

Curtis Wang from Nanjing, Jiangsu, CHINA – Level 2 – International Age Group

Moacyr Freitas from Piracicaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil – Level 2; 4 – International Age Group; Education

Ashley Burns from Albuquerque, NM – Updated Education

Alex Muni from Oxford, OH – Level 1 – USA Swimming; Age Group

Tamarah St. Hilaire from Saint Vincent, ST. VINCENT & THE GRENADINES – Level 1 – International

Claudia De La Cruz from Laredo, TX – Level 2 – High School

Yaser Alnamshan Aldoseri from Isa Town, BAHRAIN – Updated Education

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